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🐾Sky's POV🐾

My jaw hit the floor

"Come again?" I said in shock "I think the crash messed with my hearing because I could've swore you said that Christian was your cousin"

Kaden gritted his teeth "Your hearing is fine Princess"

"You knew this the entire time?" I accused "You led me to believe that you didn't know that Christian was your cousin!"

By this point, my heart monitor was beeping nonstop

"I swear Baby, I didn't know until recently"

I glared at him "How long is 'recent' Kaden?"

He leaned back against the wall and crossed his arms "I knew what he was when we started that game in the Forest"

My mouth dropped open again as realization dawned on me "That's why you two fought each other"

He gritted his teeth again and I found myself wondering how he hasn't ground down all his teeth by now.

"That, and some other factors were involved"

"Kaden" I said in frustration, at this point, I was sick of not getting answers "What other factors were involved with your fight. And what do you mean that you 'knew what he was'?"

He closed his eyes and slumped against the wall "Sky, I don't think this is the appropriate time..."

"I don't care what you think" I said with a glare "I just want answers and I want them now. It seems like every time we wait until we're alone something always ends up happening"

He blew out a breath "Okay" he said with a sigh "When you fell asleep on the bus, I mind linked Brody to find out info about Christian. He started growling every time I got closer to you and to my wolf, that was unacceptable."

"So I did look into Christian's past" Brody chimed in "I looked at everything regarding him. Criminal records, school records, and still, I found nothing. I was at my wits end when I decided to check his family history"

"That's when he came across a name that coincided with my family tree"

"How did he know about your family tree?" I looked at Brody

He shot Kaden a look.

Kaden sighed "All Wolves are required to learn the family history of the reigning Alpha family"

"Huh?" I said in confusion "What the Hell is an Alpha?"

"An Alpha is the Wolf equivalent of a King or President. All the Wolves that are in my pack are required to learn the history of the Pack in order for us to learn from the past"

He looked at me "You know that story I told you about my ancestors?"

I nodded

"Remember when the Chief's son got the settler girl pregnant?" I nodded again, wondering where he was going with this "Well it turns out that the girl had an older brother and he orchestrated the whole murder"

"When the Wolf killed all the Settlers involved with his death, he left one alive as a message"

My eyes widened

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