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Kaden... The Liar (PART TWO)


I couldn't fall asleep

So instead, I decided to watch one of my Mom's old 80's DVDs, Pretty in Pink.

An hour into the movie, I heard something thump against my window.

I paused the movie and waited for the sound again. When it didn't come, I played the movie again and was about curse out the lying arrogant rich boy with the main character when the thumping against my window became more instant.

With a huff, I paused my movie again before storming over to my window and throwing open my curtains.

When I saw who was there, I gave him a murderous expression before shutting my curtains again.

"Skylar," his muffled voiced sounded through the window "Open up, its freezing out here"

I snorted "You just told another lie. Don't you remember Idiot, last week at school when I asked why you didn't have a jacket on in 55 degree weather you said that Wolves didn't get cold because of their constant high body temperature" I paused "Keep lying to me Kaden, it makes me feel less guilty about my murderous thoughts"

He swore "Sky, I can explain"

For some unknown reason, his response made me angrier. I don't know if it was all the movies I've been watching but whenever the main actor said the words "I can explain" I wanted to jump through my T.V screen and strangle them.

Don't even get me started with the guys that get caught cheating and utter the "I can explain" line. What can you honestly explain when you were just caught making out or doing something you shouldn't be doing with a girl who was clearly not your girlfriend.

"There's nothing to explain Kaden" I began playing the movie again "You lied and I caught you. Now leave me alone before I'm tempted to through you off the roof"

"Skylar..." he pleaded and for a split second, I felt guilty for not listening to what he had to say. I know, in the past I would be the first one to listen and try to resolve our problems as quickly as possible but this time, I couldn't.

If he could lie about something so small, mate or not, what else could he lie about.

"Just leave me alone..." I whispered, knowing full well that he heard me.

There was a sigh before he spoke again "I'll be back tomorrow Skylar, whether you like it or not"

There was a thump before I heard tires crunch against the gravel in our drive way as a car pulled away.

Tears escaped my eyes and I quickly wiped them away before staring at the T.V. screen. Time passed before a knock sounded on my door.

Dad poked his head in and a worried expression crossed his features

"Skylar Baby, are you alright"

I gave him a wobbly smile, which I was pretty sure came out more like a grimace "I'm fine"

He entered my room and quickly sat on my bed with me before wrapping his arms around my shoulders, something he used to do whenever I was feeling down in the past. He would never asked if I wanted to talk about it, he would just sit there and comfort me until I would feel better.

That did it, the waterworks came like a dam bursting open.

I gripped his shirt, crying like there was no tomorrow. He just sat there, patting my head over and over, like he used to do whenever I became a blubbering mess.

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