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🐾Sky's POV🐾

Kaden didn't show up to school for 3 days

3 whole days

This was the longest I have ever gone without talking to him and I hate it.

I Hated Every Second of It.

I was grumpier and would snap at every little thing. My parents thought I was going through that "PHASE" that every teenager goes through.

I almost killed my brother when he joked that I was pmsing.

The only thing that kept me sane was my nephew.

Aiden was the only thing that kept me from going over to Kaden's house and giving him a piece of my mind.

It was now Saturday and I was in my room watching Netflix.

"I'll always be your best-friend" some guy said.

"LIAR!" I yelled before throwing a pillow at the T.V. before a buzzing sound rang through my room.

"Does anyone know the definition of ALONE TIME?" I muttered"Hello?"

"Skylar? Are you there? Skylar? This is Gabriel?"

I looked at my phone in shock "Gabriel? Kaden's cousin?"

Gabriel laughed "Nice too see that you remember me" he said

"Is Eva alright?" I asked in a panic. Kaden might be a jerk but, I consider Eva and Gabriel my friends already.

"Yes, she's perfect"  he said in a dreamy voice which made me giggle."Sorry to bother you, I just needed to ask you a question"

"Okay" I said "Shoot"

"Do you have any idea why my baby cousin's bunking on my couch? He's been there for at least 3 days and every time I ask him what's wrong, he flips me off and tells me to mind my damn business. Normally I wouldn't mind him crashing at my place but the Baby will be born soon and Eva really doesn't need that kind of stress...." he stopped midway and I heard a loud smacking sound and a equally loud voice. One I recognized right away.Then the phone sounded like it was dropped before a calming voice came on.


"Eva? What happened?"

"Kaden and I just got back from shopping and I guess Kaden heard Gabe talking to you so he tackled him to the floor and now Kaden is using words I can't really repeat" I heard her yell through the receiver "KNOCK IT OFF YOU IDIOTS!!! IF YOU BREAK MY LAMPS I WILL MURDER YOU IN YOUR SLEEP AND DUMP YOUR BODY IN THE NEAREST LAKE!!"

There was a muffled shout and Eva yelled something incoherently.

"GABRIEL!! YOU'RE ABOUT TO BE A FATHER FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!! KNOCK IT OFF" She then huffed into the receiver "Skylar sweetie, I'm gonna have to call you back. Let me through these 2 into the dog house first"

"So no murdering them in their sleep and dumping their bodies in a lake? I would be happy to help, especially for that jerk-wad cousin of Gabriel's"

She laughed and promised to call me back in a couple minutes. I agreed before I hung up and instead of playing the movie again, I sat there, staring at my phone.

Kaden was at Gabriel and Eva's?


Maybe Lauren was right, maybe he did need to cool off.

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