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After we finished dinner, we all went into the living room and ate the dessert my father made. My mother wouldn't stop gushing at Reagan and my father had to physically pry her from Reagan's belly. I laughed when she started whining like a 5 year old.

"Okay guys, Reagan's getting tired and we both need our sleep after the long trip" my brother said and mom sighed.

"How long will you be here for?" She asked him. He looked at Reagan and she smiled before turning back to our mother.

"Actually, we've decided that moving back here" he said and I squealed. My brother was coming back!

"You mean you're moving back to California?" I asked excitedly. He nodded his head and I jumped on him. Everyone laughed. "I get to see my nephew whenever I want?" I said and he chuckled.

"And baby sit him too!" He said and I squealed. I hugged both of them one last time before they went to their room.

Kaden awkwardly cleared his throat and everyone looked at him curiously. Especially me.

"Mr. and Mrs. O'Conner, I was wondering if I could take Skylar with me to a family reunion?" He asked while scratching his neck nervously.

Family reunion? What family reunion?

"Why?" My dad asked curiously.

"Because, I want to show her something she's wanted to see since she was 7" he said and I beamed.

"Snow?" I asked excitedly and he laughed.

"Yes, we're going to Big Bear" he said and I squealed while looking at my parents with puppy dog eyes.

"Please, daddy! Can I go with Kady?" I asked using my childhood nickname for Kaden. He scowled and I giggled. "Please?" I said and he sighed.

"When do you leave Kaden?" My father asked.

"Tomorrow, we want to make it there early before the snow starts to get heavy" he said and dad nodded.

"Okay Skylar, you can go" dad said and I squealed while hugging him tightly.

"Thank You, Daddy! I'll promise I'll be good!" I said and my dad chuckled.

"Just make sure I get my goodbye kiss before you leave" he said and I nodded my head. "Oh and Kaden?"

"Yes Mr. O'Conner?" Kaden said

"If my daughter gets hurt, I will personally kill you" my father said and mother gasped. Kaden nodded his head and I grabbed his hand while tugging him upstairs.

I went in my dresser and picked out Kaden's Pj's.

Yes, he had his own section in my dresser.

And Yes, he's allowed to sleepover with me.


As soon as we finished dressing, we climbed in my bed and I snuggled into his chest. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer to his body. I smiled.

"Kaden?" I asked quietly.

"Hm?" He asked.

"What time do we have to leave?"

"About, 5?" He said and I groaned.

"Kaden! Why so early?" I asked and he chuckled.

"Because Love, we have to get there before the heavy snow storm hits" he said and I sighed.

"Fine! But don't expect me to be a happy camper. You know what happens when I don't have enough sleep" I warned and he chuckled.

"I know Sky, I was unfortunately on the receiving end of that mistake" he says and I giggled. "Now go to sleep love, we have a long morning ahead of us"he said and I nodded.

"Night Kady"

"Night Love"

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