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🐾Kaden's POV🐾

"Where is she?" I asked hurriedly

"Kaden" Eva said softly "She isn't here. The Ambulance took her to the hospital. She left her phone at your house so we grabbed it and decided to call her parents. They went with her so she's safe"

I looked at Gabe "Will you drive me to the hospital?"

He nodded his head and grabbed his keys

"Kaden, there's something else you should know" Eva said quietly

I stiffened "What is it?"

"The paramedics said that she had internal bleeding and a severe concussion. Nothing has been confirmed but she did start to cough up blood when they took her away"

I started panicking "Can you please take me to the Hospital now?"

I limped to his truck and we went straight to the hospital, strategically avoiding my burning truck.

"Eva called your Dad 5 minutes before we got there" Gabe said "While you were talking to Eva, Gavin said that Uncle Rich will handle your burning car and teacher"

I just nodded, I knew if I spoke, that I would end up breaking down.

Soon we arrived at the Hospital and I hobbled/ran to the waiting room.

"Kaden?" A voice cracked and I looked up into the red eyes of Reagan.

"Where is she?"

"They took her to run some tests"

"I thought she was coughing up blood? Shouldn't she be in surgery?" Reagan shook her head

"The paramedics thought she was coughing up blood but it turns out that she only bit her tongue when the impact occurred. Thank God!"

I sighed in relief, at least we know she doesn't have internal bleeding.

"YOU!" I heard a voice yell before Jonathan got up in my face. His hair was disheveled and his eyes were bloodshot "We trusted you to take care of her when we weren't there"

"Nathan, it's not his fault" Reagan said softly while tugging his arms

He pulled his arm away from her "No, I want to hear his side of the story before I end up Killing him"

I nodded my head before proceeding to tell him about the accident.

As soon as I was finished, Jonathan looked calmer and less likely to punch me.

A Doctor came out from the back "The Parents of Skylar Marie O'Conner"

Jonathan, Reagan, and I all went to the Doctor.

I was shifting nervously from foot-to-foot.

"I'm her Brother. My parents went to get a snack because my mother was feeling ill" Jonathan said

"Alright" the Doctor said "Well it seems that your sister is going to be fine. When the cars crashed, the air bag deployed, which caused Ms. O'Conner's brain to rattle in her head. This caused her extreme headache and blackout. Her ribs are bruised which will make her extremely sore but other than that, she is healthy"

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