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🐾Sky's POV🐾

I woke up to sunlight in my eyes

"Stupid Sun" I muttered

A husky chuckled made me jump.

I turned over in Kaden's arms and punched his chest "You Jerk"

He kissed my nose "I'm sorry" he paused "Are you Okay?"

His question confused me "Why wouldn't I be?"

"Do you remember what I told you last night?"

I nodded my head "Kady" I cooed "I remember everything and accept you for you. Just because I slept doesn't mean I suddenly have Amnesia"

His eyes brightened and it was probably the happiest I've ever seen him "I Love You"

"Me too" I paused "Kaden, what did you mean last night when you said that I was your Mate and Chris was trying to take me away from you?"

He sighed and opened his mouth to answer before we heard the front door slam close and heavy footsteps running up the stairs

My eyes widened before I hopped out of bed and pushed Kaden towards my closet

"Sky, this is the most cliche move ever. It's not like your brother is ancient, he's a few years older than us and probably used this move millions of times"

I contemplated this.

My brother was a huge player before he met Reagan. He had a new girlfriend every week and never kept them long enough for us to meet them officially.

The only reason I knew he had so many "girlfriends" was because I would always hear him sneak them into the house.

"Well, what do we do? He told me to tell you that you should go to your own house and sleep in your own bed" I said

He rolled his eyes "Your brother seriously needs to accept the fact that you aren't a little girl anymore. And that he's stuck with me for a long time"

I waved my hands frantically

He wanted to have a conversation at this time!!!

"Kaden!" I whispered "At this particular time, I don't really care!! Can we just hide you before my brother rats me out to my parents!"

"Sky,we're home..." Jonathan said while slamming my door open, a split second before a breeze crossed my face.

I put my hands on my hips before I glared at my brother "What is wrong with you!"

He started snooping throughout my room

The 1st place he looked was in my closet

"What are you doing?" I demanded "Why are you looking through my stuff?"

"Uh...I'm looking for monsters" he said lamely while looking under the bed

"Really? In Broad Daylight?"

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