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Present day

That day, Kaden Matthews became my best friend.

He has been my only friend for the last 12 years.

Every time someone would try to talk to me (especially guys) he would give them a look that said 'I dare you'. As we got older, he became more protective and possessive. He's always by my side and if any girl approaches him, he turns them down harshly (much to my enjoyment).

When we walk into a room, everyone avoids eye contact. Kaden's body language screams power and dominance, even if he's only 18. He can make the manliest man cry with one look. I hear the rumors of how mean and cruel his is throughout the town but dismiss them because he has never shown me any of those qualities.

Also, Kaden always has to touch me. Whether it be shoulder-to-shoulder, holding hands, or (like right now) with his hands wrapped firmly around my waist.

"Kaden, let go of me please! They weren't staring at me!" I whined. His arms tightened around me as he glared bullets at the boys in the arcade. They looked like they peed themselves and are on the verge of crying.

"Skylar, THEY WERE LOOKING AT WHAT'S MINE!" He said calmly. I cringed. A calm Kaden was a lot scarier than a yelling Kaden.

I sighed and looked at the three boys. They were shaking so bad that you would think they were human chihuahua's.

"Kaden, you're scaring the poor boys"I said he growled lowly. My eyes widened. He's been doing that more and more lately. I turned in his arms and grabbed his face. He looked away from the cowering boys momentarily, to my face. His expression soften tremendously and he rubbed my cheeks tenderly. I closed my eyes when I felt those wiggly sparks ignite. I loved that feeling for the last 12 years now.

I opened my eyes and gently rubbed his face with my hands. He leaned into my touch and stared into my brown eyes with his Emerald ones.

"Please, Kaden. Let's go home" I said softly and he nodded. We turned back to the boys and they flinched when Kaden shot them a hard glare. He wrapped his arms around me possessively and led me to the parking lot of the arcade. We were in there a good 10 minutes before Kaden got all possessive psycho on me. I sighed. He was always like this. Even when Max Garfield made me a Valentine's day bracelet in the 3rd grade. When Kaden found out, he threatened Max and demanded him to take back his present. I cried for a week and Kaden bought me a beautiful pandora bracelet with all my favorite charms just to apologize. To this day, I still have it and occasionally wear it.

We pulled up to his house and Kaden parked before getting out and opening my door. I rolled my eyes. He did this every time.

Every time I tell him that's I'm old enough to open my own door, he rolls his eyes and ignores me. As soon as I stepped through the Matthew's threshold, I was attacked by two little monsters.

I looked down into Kaden's twin siblings faces. Ethan and Taylor looked up at me with wide smiles. I kissed their cheeks and picked up Ethan while Kaden picked up Taylor. She always loved being adored by her big brother. Ethan played with my hair and tugged slightly at the wild curls. I laughed. We made our way to the kitchen where Mr. And Mrs. Matthews were having lunch. When they saw us, they laughed. Mrs. Matthews stood up and kissed my cheek while collecting her son out of my arms. He pouted and I giggled. Mr. Matthews collected Taylor out of Kaden's arms and went upstairs after giving me a big bear hug. Kaden's mom did the same.

I turned to Kaden and found him staring at me amusingly.

"So what do you want to do now?" I asked and he shrugged his shoulders. I sighed. Kaden was a man of few words. "Kaden" I whined. "You brought me to your house because you thought some boys were looking at me. Now I'm bored out of my mind. Entertain me Now!" I demanded and he chuckled deeply before walking to me.

"Sky, I don't think that they were looking at you, I know that they were" he said and I rolled my eyes.

"Kaden! They were 13 years old! And I'm pretty sure they were looking at you!" I said and he looked confused at my statement.

"What do you mean?" He asked. I sighed and sat on the barstool at the counter.

"Kaden, have you seen yourself?, your a freaking Giant! And you're only 18! Who the Hell wouldn't look at you!" I said and he was quiet for a second before laughing hysterically.

"Really Sky, that's the best you could come up with?" He said and I grumbled. At least I tried.

"Well, what do you want me to say? That every where we go, you get all psycho gorilla on me whenever someone shoots a glance in my direction?" I asked and he grunted.

"Well, they shouldn't look at what's MINE!" He snarled and my eyes popped opened in surprise. He closed his eyes and took in deep breaths before making his way over to me. He cupped my face and rubbed my cheeks for a second before talking. "I'm sorry Sky, I promise that next time I take you out, that'll I'll at least try to contain my psycho gorilla behavior" he said quietly with a small grin. I smiled and kissed his cheek before jumping off the barstool.

"Thank you Kaden, that's all I ask for" I said and he smiled. "Now take me home. Mom said that there will be a surprise waiting for me" I said and he grumbled something about me being a demanding woman. I chuckled and poked his chest.

"You better believe it"

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