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calum & thomas // cth

calum & thomas // cth

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rhoe By badlandsmichael Completed

"Calum and Thomas are the same person."
  "You've got to be kidding me."

  In which a girl falls inlove with two different people but little did she know that it's just one person
  [updated info]

mikaelsonslrh mikaelsonslrh Sep 13, 2016
she says he full name bc in the philippines they care about ur full name like why did u parents give u a middle name if u arent gonna use it
inspired_newtie inspired_newtie Oct 29, 2016
Me: It's him!
                              The person who reads this: who's him
                              Me: him!
                              The person who reads this: what's his name?
                              Me: Him!
                              The person who reads this: huh?
                              Me: ya know 'Him' from the power puff girls
yanirishood yanirishood Mar 15, 2016
whenever I think of summon I imagine like people summoning the devil or something ....
IlliteratePanda IlliteratePanda Jan 22, 2016
I'm excited about this story but I feel like u lost the element of surprise by telling us this 😂
CatalinaGomezRoca6 CatalinaGomezRoca6 Jan 16, 2016
i don't get it, if thomas and calum are the same person, they must look the same right?
fluffsvt fluffsvt Jul 08, 2015
Luke is me ,I just get in people's business,but it's fun anyways