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Kitten / Muke by addiictedtomuke
Kitten / Mukeby Tiana :-)
The one where Luke likes to call Michael 'Kitten.' or Punk!Luke finds feminine!Michael cute as a kitten. cover done by me
Just Best Friends // Calum Hood by belugawhaleatl
Just Best Friends // Calum Hoodby belugawhaleatl
Alexandra and Calum have been best friends for a little over 5 years now. Calum plays bass in one of the worlds most popular bands. Alex works an average day job. Much t...
Kink // Luke Hemmings [COMPLETED] by whatifonly
Kink // Luke Hemmings [COMPLETED]by holly <3
"You have a what?" "A kink." "What the fuck is a kink?" "Oh,'re so innocent..." *_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*...
Little Miss 5SOS  by talkfast5sos
Little Miss 5SOS by Isabella🏳️‍🌈
"What's your name?" The boy with curly hair asks, kneeling down in front of me. I sit there, watching him carefully. His three friends stood behind him. I swal...
thin walls / calum hood by dimplefeels
thin walls / calum hoodby lauren
She sings when she's home alone; he asks her to keep it down. {highest ranking: #2 fanfiction} © 2015 by dimplefeels
2AM CALLS ; luke hemmings by smalltalkhood
2AM CALLS ; luke hemmingsby rob
"He always calls me around 2am." "Do you pick up?" "Yes." "Do you know him?" "No." Where a girl gets called by an unkno...
Meet You There | Calum Hood by SavSOS_
Meet You There | Calum Hoodby Sav
Holland Mayfield has been dreaming of the Olympics her entire life. After missing the cut for the US Women's Gymnastic team in 2016 due to an injury she isn't taking any...
Permanent Vacation || CTH by vocal-chords
Permanent Vacation || CTHby leli
I can't sleep because my mind keeps racing. My chest hurts because my heart keeps breaking. I'm so numb and I can't stop shaking. ---- Two weeks. A routine getaway, a m...
A Little Like Fate // 5sos by hopefulcaroline
A Little Like Fate // 5sosby Caroline
Amelia and Ashton were the best of friends; there was not much anyone could do to break the two apart. That is, until one day when Amelia's family moves away unexpectedl...
Unplanned Parenthood ➸ c.h. au || COMPLETED || ** EDITING ** by 5S0SLlVE
Unplanned Parenthood ➸ c.h. au || i.
"What are we going to do with you?" Calum sighed as he held the sleeping baby in his arms," I mean, I don't even know how to be a dad.." - Yes if you...
New teacher//L.R.H//✔️  by kimthorne101
New teacher//L.R.H//✔️ by kimthorne101
Kimberly Thorne has a new teacher who seems to have an eye for her and she definitely has an eye for him... What happens when Kimberly throne catches the eyes of her new...
Calum Hood Imagines  by gayforddlovato
Calum Hood Imagines by Kaylee♡
Imagines with Calum Hood ✨ My other 5sos books are currently on hold but I've returned to this book and requests are OPEN! Message me for any you might have 💗 Highest...
5SOS Smut (From Tumblr) by marvel5sostrash
5SOS Smut (From Tumblr)by natalie
This is an assortment of smut that I got from tumblr.
Roommates || Calum Hood by sugarplumluke
Roommates || Calum Hoodby jolie ayy
"Hopefully being roommates will settle your arguments."
Brother's Best Friend || l.h. by MikeMyCliffo
Brother's Best Friend || miranda w
Ashley Swan's father just married Michael Clifford's mother, but Michael doesn't know that. When he comes home for the holidays and brings his four best friends, they're...
Nudes / Calum Hood  by wastelovemgk
Nudes / Calum Hood by key
Snapchat: cthood opened your snapchat! Snapchat: cthood opened your snapchat! Snapchat: cthood replayed your snapchat! Snapchat: cthood took a screenshot of your snapch...
Stepbrother. L.R.H. by dxddyxhemmings
Stepbrother. dxddyxhemmings
Step brother and sister in others eyes, lovers in their eyes.
kidnapped to be a little? by Morgan_Moo
kidnapped to be a little?by MorganMoo
alexa was a girl. a girl who just happens to be kidnapped by 5 seconds of summer to be their babygirl/little ~WARNING~ ddlg most of the time 5sos wont seem like their ch...
imprinted ➼ calum hood werewolf au by aby-wanders
imprinted ➼ calum hood werewolf auby 2017 aby boo
|book one| im-prin-ted se-ries ❝in which a half wolf, half teenage boy meets his imprint. his human imprint.❞
Afraid // Calum Hood by sugarplumluke
Afraid // Calum Hoodby jolie ayy
"Calum, why is everyone in this town so afraid of you?" [this isn't scary i promise]