The King Of All Vampire Kings (Book 1)

The King Of All Vampire Kings (Book 1)

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Book 1 of (The Awakening Series)

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The world went to shit long before I was born. Humans like me use to believe other species were nothing more than fictional characters, myths, or figures of one's imagination. But that was before vampires left the shadows and decided to reveal their species to the world. 

I've been told that teenage girls use to fantasize about being swooshed off their feet by those mysterious creatures. 

Matter of fact, insane would be an understatement, they were fucking lunatics. Vampires are not some fictional character that would love you like no other. No, vampires are not some sort of myth, and they most certainly are not, a figment of anyone's imagination.

They are very real, and they despise the human race. In fact, they have enslaved my entire species and formed a new world. Each continent is owned by a ruthless, bloodsucking, barbaric, the vampire king. 

Every single one of them has played a part in the war of the awakening, showing no mercy, killing without question. Humans didn't even stand a chance. Our army and world leaders were killed or imprisoned in less than a couple of days.

They slaughtered my race, but it didn't stop there. No, that was only the beginning of human suffering. Trust me when I say the death was truly a kindness, because anyone who survived the awakening, would beg for death.

I was positive that my suffering would come to an end when I turned eighteen. I was hoping and praying to be marked as a feeder, nothing more, nothing less. Death was the only way out of this world. 

You see, all of the kings who ruled over the earth were cruel and calculating. They are all tyrants in their own right and they all answered to one vampire. 

Who was known as the most barbaric of them all and I was marked as his chosen.

The King of all Vampire Kings.

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