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AGENTS OF THE CIA by neonaesthetix
❝And why should I believe you? A total stranger who I've never seen in my entire life.❞ ❝C'mon Puddin, I'm a trustworthy person.❞ ❝I don't think so. Now please, escort y...
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Abbernathy and the Cat Kingdom by OctaviaLocke
Abbernathy and the Cat Kingdomby Octavia Locke
One girl. Two cats. A world full of adventure. Abbernathy Tells is a twelve year old girl who prefers the companionship of her two cats and a dying tree over other...
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The Butterfly Net by miss_echo_
The Butterfly Netby Eden
"Life for an immortal is trying to catch water in a butterfly net. It's impossible. That's the problem, you see - we cannot live because we do not die." Everyt...
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Reincarnated into an otome game and becoming the attendant of the villainess by SoundHammer
Reincarnated into an otome game an...by Sound Hammer
Full title: Reincarnated into an otome game and becoming the attendant of the villainess - For my master, I'm ready to even kill the heroine. Kuro Aku was a highscho...
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Valehallow Academy by Yawldee
Valehallow Academyby Yoldie
The necklace. She was never allowed to take it off or bad things could happen. Soolie Martin didn't know what the "bad things" were but she didn't want to find...
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Prince of Mayhem by varzanic
Prince of Mayhemby N.A. Carson
Tolcan is a prince in title only. While his twin brother is throwing extravagant parties, Tolcan is drinking with the lower class and sleeping with a variety of women...
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Reincarnation into a otome game: Villainess to Hero! by SoySauz
Reincarnation into a otome game: V...by Kai_
Here I am in heaven currently facing 'Kami-sama' right in front of my face. This bastard said he accidentally ended my life.. How could he? oH, yOu aCcIDenTaLly eNdEd m...
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Fire Of The Heart by AlexisThompsons
Fire Of The Heartby AlexisThompsons
What's scarier than waking up in a strange place? Waking up naked. That was what I woke up to. A naked body in a strange place. The naked body being mine. Opening my eye...
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Frigid【Book #1】 by PaperClowns
Frigid【Book #1】by ⇄
Burdened with a strange, cure-less condition since his childhood, Canine Winters is no longer a child, but instead has become a stoic billionaire with everything his hea...
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The Betrayal of the Guardians by DianaTheThird
The Betrayal of the Guardiansby Diana Prince
[Wattys 2018 Shortlist] They were the chosen, protecting worlds from threatening monsters. However, over time, they became threats themselves. A girl who wants to live...
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Now That We're Home by AwesomeFroggy
Now That We're Homeby Abby
Mara and Mialee have spent the last four years of their lives traveling the continent, fighting monsters, meeting kings, finding enchanted items, and saving the world. M...
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The Devils Angel by Crazylilchinadoll
The Devils Angelby Emily
Carmen Winters held a normal life until one day he spotted her. His angel. He watched her grow into the 17 year old she is now and stole her from her life. His ways are...
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Sold To A Gangleader by Chocolate-Spice
Sold To A Gangleaderby Chocolate
Emma was back from Harvard and she is a VERY bitchy person to be around, but she dearly loves her family except for her Step-Mother. Emma was very rude to people but she...
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His by woania
Hisby Dania 🌸
Carrie (a young submissive ) living in an abusive relationship runs away to New York City and moves in with her bestfriend Agodess (another young submissive) who takes h...
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Heirs of War, Destiny of One (4) by MaraValderran
Heirs of War, Destiny of One (4)by Mara Valderran
The final installment of the epic fantasy series Heirs of War. Word spread quickly of Zelene's sacrifice and the power she wielded to bring back the dead, trading her ow...
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In the hands of my new bodyguard {GxG} by crash_romely
In the hands of my new bodyguard {...by Sailor Crash
There was a loud explosion in the building and the alarm went off and everyone started running, the whole place tremble, I was grabbed and dragged through and over peopl...
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The Faye's Secret by SarahBeth9009
The Faye's Secretby SarahBeth9009
*Final edited version now on Amazon.com!* Abigail Reed can see ghosts. Living her whole life feeling like she didn't belong, Abby is used to taking care of herself. But...
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Crowning Star by ela_the_great
Crowning Starby daniela➶
Posting every Tuesday 🌟 Estrella "Stella" Davidson is a hard-working girl with limited opportunities. Royalty is the last thing she would call herself. On he...
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Weapon 86 by Smauggy
Weapon 86by Smauggy
"Is there a reason why you have chosen my unit for this particular mission, Colonel?" Thomas asked. "Do I need a reason?" "No, sir, I..." T...
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Siren Song (The Fated #1) by UnboundWings
Siren Song (The Fated #1)by Katelynn Bell
"It's a curse." "Curse, or blessing, those are the red strings of fate. The gods have chosen you to change our world, whether you want to or not." ...
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