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Seduced By The Vampire King (ON HOLD) by tallulahbell
Seduced By The Vampire King (ON Alexis
King Markus The king of all vampires. A man who never takes no for an answer. Strongest and wisest vampire. Centuries years old. Mates to a women not even half his age...
  • vampirewerewolf
  • vampireromance
  • seduced
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King Of The Dead by XxKittens_ReaderxX
King Of The Deadby XxKittens_ReaderxX
*THIS BOOK IS MATURE* No one knows his name, Everyone fears him. He kills without care, He could wipe out and entire village with just the click of his fingers. an...
  • pet
  • erotic
  • lovestory
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Why Am I Different? by xXSnowy327Xx
Why Am I Different?by xXSnowy327Xx
♂MalexMalexMale♂ It all started when little 4 year old Arthur was very sick. The doctor of Royaume Merveilleux could not do anything to help him. The mother of Author cr...
  • gay
  • twins
  • vampireking
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My Vampire King || Kim Taehyung by Min_Chloe
My Vampire King || Kim Taehyungby Takahashi 알테아
The phantom feeling of Love that never was ♡ Was he only Attached to the idea of being inlove or did he really love her?
  • fanfiction
  • kimtaehyung
  • hana
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Rule Me Master by LzzyAnderson
Rule Me Masterby Lzzy
Werewolf's and Vampire's rules the Earth. All the humans are slaves. What will happen when the werewolf king and the vampire king finds out that their mate is the same g...
  • romance
  • kidnap
  • gxg
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Owning the Vampire King by chokeMeHarder22
Owning the Vampire Kingby HisGoodGirl
It's been years since the humans completely took over every other species and destroyed all but the werewolves and vampires. The two were left alive to be sold as slaves...
  • vampire
  • sold
  • mate
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The King Of All Vampire Kings (Book 1) by queenofthewalk
The King Of All Vampire Kings ( Queen Of The Walk
Book 1 of (The Awakening Series) {#1 Supernatural} {#1 Paranormal} {#1 Lycans} {#1 Vampire Romance} {#5 Royalty} The world went to shit long before I was born. Humans l...
  • hunter
  • alpha
  • paranormal
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Blood Bound by Forever_doggos
Blood Boundby Kyley
Cooper Greenwood is a famous actor then one night he mysteriously disappears. People look for him but little do they know that her was turned into a vampire. They also d...
  • famous
  • vampire
  • blood
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Our Everlasting Love by This_is_Sarah_Adel
Our Everlasting Loveby Sarah Adel 👑
" Students! We have a new student. His name will be Daniel Thompson." said the teacher as a boy walked in. The boy had black hair with silver parts and deadly...
  • lovetriangle
  • love
  • danger
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The Fledgling and the King⎮📝 by Sarahsherebiotch1
The Fledgling and the King⎮📝by XxBored?!Xx
Have you ever imagined abandoning your home, school and entire life, based on a crazy story and a myth that turned out to be true? Have you ever imagined leading a secre...
  • vanessa
  • maturelanguage
  • mortals
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King Of The North by -silvershifter-
King Of The Northby -silvershifter-
  • murderous
  • bloodthirsty
  • alpha
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Ivey by BadMoonRises
Iveyby BadMoonRises
Ivey; previously titled Alpha Mine. Editing chapters, they will be posted as finished. This is not a regular werewolf book, things are different. Story and werewolf wis...
  • mine
  • alphaking
  • vampire
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Outlaw vamp by uniquegirl2002
Outlaw vampby L.E.T
She wasn't born a vampire like the rest of the community, she was bitten and turned. It was unheard of and shamed upon with the laws of the treaty. No human shall be tur...
  • triggering
  • rough
  • romance
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The Tangled Princess by nonameleftxx
The Tangled Princessby nonameleftxx
Evanora Cordelia Magnus, a twenty-two year old elemental witch, was only a child when her mother was forcefully taken away from her. Destined to become the queen of witc...
  • luna
  • theinfinites19
  • warlock
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Forget me not (Completed) by AlcmeneSelene
Forget me not (Completed)by Alcmene Selene
It was a cold day in winter when the patrol guards of the Mooncrescent pack saw a basket flowing in a river nearby. Intrigued by the mysterious situation, they approac...
  • vampireking
  • death
  • witches
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She's MINE!!! by angelicdevilzzz
She's MINE!!!by angelicdevilzzz
Elizabeth Banks is a normal teenager who turned 17 last month. Her father Jordyn banks is the owner of a huge international diamond selling company. She lives with h...
  • love
  • cute
  • vampireking
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The Roommate's Vampire by hanmza
The Roommate's Vampireby ha.nza
I turn the key of the door and open it. I look up and scream. "Damen! What are you doing?!" Damen looks up and blood drips from his mouth. The bag of blood...
  • fight
  • death
  • blood
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Due Payment by that_beautiful_geek
Due Paymentby Mahogany Winters
Willow Parsley is a 25 year old girl who is on the run from the notorious Vampire King. When taxes time rolled around in the kingdom, Willow's father has nothing left to...
  • dues
  • escape
  • vampireking
The Vampire King's Mate by alex_nair
The Vampire King's Mateby alex_nair
Skylar Crescent is just your typical average teenager living your typical average teenage life at Crystal Bay High. That is, until the Vampire King attends the same high...
  • highschool
  • teenage
  • vampireking
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Falling in love with a vampire by itaholland
Falling in love with a vampireby itaholland
The 1800s are different I know that. My grandma told me how the 1800s where like and where supposed to be but when vampires took over the world they brought new technolo...
  • vampires
  • darkness
  • family
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