Vampireslave Stories

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My Vampire Love   by Sophie3265
My Vampire Love by Lisa_A3265
What happens when you're sold to a pureblood vampire? ~ Brittany, a fifteen year old girl is sold to a pureblood vampire prince... ~ Purebloods are considered the most d...
Predator✓ by KING_KHAREN
Predator✓by King Kharen👑
Life is poison, Life is pain, Life is hell, Life is such a shame. We are treated like meat, Like pieces of ham. We feel the heat, In a world that's a scam. I had to run ...
Silent Screams (Discontinued) by KaylaKh
Silent Screams (Discontinued)by Kayla
Violet is seventeen years old. She has been very quiet and very reserved ever since the incident with her parents. One day she gets kidnapped and her kidnappers are not...
Young Blood by kflove124
Young Bloodby kflove124
Blaire Young's 17th birthday did not go according to plan... -yuh still working on it so not much to describe. But come follow along while I attempt to write a vampire s...
Love is Torture  by plummie
Love is Torture by plumsogreat
It is constant torture. All I know is pain but the pain caused at the hands-off him , my master, is the pain that I crave. He is a vampire and I am his slave. His lov...
Vampire Slave Series: Spawn! (BOOK TWO) by IamAwinchester67
Vampire Slave Series: Spawn! ( Crystal Bickley
It possibly couldn't be true! There's no way this could happen! Unfortunately for Amabell and the rest, it most defiantly is... She's pregnant! Never in the history of...
Young Blood // h.s by flxwerxchild
Young Blood // h.sby flxwerxchild
15 year old Harry styles is familiar with this way of life, he never thought of it being bad that his family was given blood slaves. When 14 year old Lana and her family...
Surviving a Vampire regime by MrxWiggles
Surviving a Vampire regimeby Luke Lawton
Hello, this is the first chapter in sick of words I happen to make so don't judge too much. my second creative writing I have done. hope you enjoy it, hopefully as I pr...
Kidnapped By A Vampy by TrinityOseaHall
Kidnapped By A Vampyby TOH/ Trinity Hall
Hi my name's Riley Higgins a curvy hot chick with an attitude which unfortunately landed me kidnapped by some crazy vampires who have the nerve trying to make me into a...
A Vampire Hunter and Slave by SKYEYESROCK
A Vampire Hunter and Slaveby Lexi Frigo
Skye's dad dies when she was 12 doing what he did for a living hunting and not for animals ..... Hunting for vampires. Ever since then Skye's world has turned around s...
Crimson Bird (BWWM) {SAMPLE} by LBKeen
Crimson Bird (BWWM) {SAMPLE}by L.B. Keen
(This is a Sample, book is due out on KU MARCH 3RD 2017) Three things you should know of this world of Nobles... One: Vampires are living as humans would in another worl...
Enslaved by Paige__xoxo
Enslavedby Paige ❤️
Being sold at an Auction to become a slave? That's tough. Being sold at an Auction to become a slave to a Vampire? Well that's the reality that Alexis Carter lives throu...
(One Direction & Jake Paul) Vampire and Werewolf Slave! by czzz831
(One Direction & Jake Paul) czzz831
jade lived with evil orphanage lady cuz her parents died in a fire. Then She was adopted by guess! five hot guys named Harry #1-Harry #5. omg one direction is adopting m...