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My Vampire Love   by Sophie3265
My Vampire Love by Sophie3265
What happens when you're sold to a pureblood vampire? ~ Brittany, a fifteen year old girl is sold to a pureblood vampire prince... ~ Purebloods are considered the most d...
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Vampire's Pet by cannoness
Vampire's Petby Cannon
The world had gone to hell long ago, taken over by the vampire race. In order to keep some sort of peace in our land, the Vampire Lords made a consecutive agreement. The...
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Vampire's slave by qtzella
Vampire's slaveby saturn
"We will be having another batch in 5 minutes!" An auction house, but not an ordinary auction house.. this one was for human trafficking, and not being sold to...
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Simply Hopeless by Whiskey008
Simply Hopelessby Whiskey Wink
Nia never had a reason to hate the fangs, until she was thirteen and they took over, that is. New rules were put in place to make sure humans were only around for the go...
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Vampire Slave Series: Spawn! (BOOK TWO) by IamAwinchester67
Vampire Slave Series: Spawn! ( Crystal Bickley
It possibly couldn't be true! There's no way this could happen! Unfortunately for Amabell and the rest, it most defiantly is... She's pregnant! Never in the history of...
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His Vampire Gaze || Anime Vampire Love Story by littiegoth
His Vampire Gaze || Anime Roe
A freshman (anime) girl in college is hired by a rich family to take care of their little girl. But instead, she finds herself binded in a lovesick triangle of young men...
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Vampire slave by Catchingfirewithfire
Vampire slaveby Novantee
The world has been over thrown by red eyes, leaving the humans in poverty and despair. Amelia sells herself to these red eyes in an attempt to release her struggling fam...
Land of vampires  by beil_bell
Land of vampires by beil_bell
In the near future, the world has been overrun by billions of vampires. Humans taken as slaves or use for food like cattle, killing 75% of humanity leaving humans to hi...
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The Prince Of The Bloodsuckers (*Discontinued*) by 0SecretAgent0
The Prince Of The Bloodsuckers (* You'llNeverKnow
My Name? Evalyn Ophelia Parker. The One Thing I've Yet To Forget. Being Sold From Vampire To Vampires, Was Not Her Ideal Fairy Tale Life. But Being Sold To The Price Of...
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I'm A Vampires Slave.... by JaybyBoy
I'm A Vampires ✝Jay✝
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Touch by VVSoup
Touchby Soup
The greatest mistake vampires ever made was letting us believe in them. England, 1887. All vampires have been enslaved. Kept in silver chains, they live in eternal p...
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Slaved Away by shaleyallnock
Slaved Awayby Shay
Amora wakes up to a voice who she's not familiar to. She has no idea how she ended up where she is now and what happened before this. There's only one person who truly k...
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the runaway girl by silvereyeshoping
the runaway girlby silvereyeshoping
Alexandra is a beautiful and smart , wild girl she carefree after her mom died when she was 13 she lived all her three years in pure pain and regret so after those thre...
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My Vampire Slave by DuhhItisjustme
My Vampire Slaveby duhhit'sme
Prince Nicholas is forced to get a vampire on his birthday... Read this book and see how this turns out.
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The Vampire Slayer by danielsthiccbooty
The Vampire Slayerby danielsthiccbooty
Growing up i was told about the demons that lurked in the shadows, to me wolves and vampires where just a myth , a story that you read when you're bored. but little did...
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The Last Human by vvstephvvv
The Last Humanby Sarah Perkins
"No reason to bind me this time?" I bit out my voice hoarse from the lack of water. I clenched my teeth, mad at the world for my predicament. The light vampire...
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The Fangirl Meets The Vampire by HAIBESTFRAIND
The Fangirl Meets The Vampireby HAIBESTFRAIND
This is just something I thought up...
Pretty in pink by WRIT0RSBL0CK
Pretty in pinkby WRIT0RSBL0CK
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Evanescence  by whompingwillowsss
Evanescence by whompingwillowsss
Evelyn turned her head, and took a deep sigh. "BANG" Evelyn fell. No matter how long they watched, she kept falling. Until finally... read more to find out wha...
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