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Bye Uncle Mori Bye Uncle Honey!!!
Nagisa said as he waves at the car leaving

Nagisa! About your field trip on friday do you know where you're going?
Kyoya asked even though he already know where

Oh!? Yeah! I forgot about the field trip! I'll ask Kayano or Karma
Nagisa said while walking to the front door.

Ok..... do you want to go?
Kyoya asked

Yeah am I not allowed to?
Nagisa asked while he stopped walking and turned back to Kyoya

No its your decision and your decision alone
Kyoya said as he picked up Bemax and started walking towards Nagisa.

Ok then thats great as I want to go and have fun with my friends
Nagisa said with a happy voice as he started walking again

Master Kyoya...... are you sure he's not your Biological son?
Ristu asked as he appeared in Kyoya's phone

Ritsu.....do you want to die?
Wabi sabi said as he appeared in Bemax's charging port

Wabisabi please respect my personal space and kindly get out
Bemax said feeling invaded by Wabisabi.

Oh sorry Bemax
Wabisabi said as he leaves Bemax's charging port

*sigh* does he even remember where their going?
Kyoya muttered under his breath


Kyaa!!! Ow my ears hurt
Ritsu said while covering her ears

We don't even have real ears BAKA! Hays Kyoya is she really my sister?
Wabi sabi said while also appearing in Kyoya's phone

Wabi sabi you meanie!! This is why they named you Wabi sabi!!!
Ritsu said while trying to hit wabi sabi

Alright alright can you guys let me answer the call now?
Kyoya said after he putted Bemax down

Certainly Master
Wabi sabi said as he covered Ritsu's mouth

Kyoya!!! I need help!!!
The voice of a woman said

Renge? What's wrong?
Kyoya asked

Oh you got wabi sabi to answer the call didn't you?
Renge said

Yes, I did
Kyoya said

Well... how do you tell a father her Daughter is a lesbian?
Renge asked with a low voice

Wait! I thought he knows already. Didn't you come out when you were 19?
Kyoya said with a confused voice. From what his information and memory can tell him Renge already came out as lesbian when they were in college.

No... I justed told him I don't know where to swing... He still think I'm Pansexual
Renge said

Renge... seriously?  Were already in our thirties and you still haven't clear this up.
Kyoya said as he rubs his nose bridge feeling a headache coming in.

Well sorry... I only realized he thinks I'm pan when he asked Honey to help him set us up...
Renge said with a super low voice as if she only intended for her to hear.

I hear that, anyways don't you have a girlfriend?
Kyoya said

Yes, and she proposed to me last night!!
She said with a super happy and loud voice, you can hear her love from that voice...

Well I'm glad she finally proposed
Kyoya said with a little gentle voice

She told me you helped her set the proposal up for months now! Thank you Kyoya! Not only did you introduce her to me, you also always been there for us!
Renge said with such a loud voice Kyoya had to pull his phone away from his ear.

I would like to take that thank you in the form of next months partner ship project
Kyoya said

Yeah yeah, you have next months partner ship project secured
Renge said

Now help me tell Dad please...
Renge added

Well she needs to go to your house first... well no nevermind, its best if you do clear the misunderstanding up first before he meets her
Kyoya said

And how do I do that?
Renge asked

The same way you did when you first came out
Kyoya said

.... I need to bake a cake, get every servant a uniform that has a rainbow in them?
Please Kyoya.... oh and that cake had a big "Dad I don't know where to swing" in it and it was a rainbow too
Renge said with a questioning voice

Yes, this time write "Dad I'm lesbian and engaged"
Kyoya replaid with a serious voice

You know what?! That could work just fine! Thank you again Kyoya!!
Renge said then ended the call

She's so energetic for our age
Kyoya said while he put his phone in his pocket again

I agree master, but as long as she keep her familys reputation polish then its okay
Wabi sabi said while Kyoya is picking up Bemax


In the hospital a red hair kid, who claims he was visiting his uncle, is now entering a VIP room with some flowers acting like a worried child while a nurse was in the room. He slowly but surely talked to the hospital bed nodding and thanking the nurse for his/her care to his "uncle"

Thank you for taking care of my uncle
Karma said cute smile on his face, which captured the nurse heart

Oh? No problem it is my job to take care of patients. Your uncle is so lucky to have such a nice child like you as his nephew like you... Oh! Would you lool at the time I need to go! Bye
The nurse said as he/she speed walk out of the room before closing the door. Karma on the other hand walks up to the window and closed the curtains

Now... lets start shall we?..... hehehehe....

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