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While Meahara and Isogai were still hugging the two didn't realized that Nakamura is behind them taking pictures for blackmail. it wasn't long for the two noticed her because cameras in Japan has a sound when one's taking pictures; no matter how low your sound is it still going to be loud enough to hear.

What the hell!!! Nakamura! Delete that!!
Meahara said while pushing Isogai away.

And why should I huh? Maybe you'll need this in the future the newlyweds first ever hug!
Nakamura said while checking her gallery to see how many pictures did she really got.

Na-Nakamura! Pls I'm begging!
Isogai said while blushing. Nakamura sense a new ship forming hehehehe

You guys are at fault here  hahahaha what were you guys thinking hugging each other in a public place?! Hahahaha I can't wait to tell every one about this!
Nakamura said Isogai and Meahara swears she's the female version of Karma sometimes

Karma's going to get you back for this
Meahara said

Oh... Hahahhaha Karma will be thrilled onces he knows
Nakamura said

No! not our Karma! Karma as in well deserve bad luck!
Meahara clarified while Isogai is just facepalming behind him

Look what can we do to keep this in the down low?
Isogai asked at this point they're desperate if this comes out they'll be subjected to a lot as in a LOT of teasing.

Mmmm.... Let me think..... Oh! I got one! How about tell me what happed to your mom?
Nakamura said as if its common knowledge to know of it.

How the hell did you?!
Meahara shouted causing Nagisa and the others to look at them.

Nakamura...... I'll tell you later right now shut up
Isogai said while looking at the others who's currently walking to them.

Wow! It must be serious for you to swear over it
Nakamura commented

Shut up Nakamura
Meahara said

How long have you guys been there?
Nagisa asked while the others are behind him

Ammm..... Like two minutes ago.....
Nakamura lied

Oh so you saw what the idiot octopus did
Mr. Kurasuma said. Probably feeling a headache coming in because of the paperwork he needs to do because of this

Isogai said

The paperwork...... The hundreds of pages of paperwork I need to do........... Hehehehe....... Boys and girls..... We're upping your training from now on.... Heheheehe..... The sooner the bitch is dead..... The sooner I can breathe......
Mr. Kurasuma said poor Mr. K

I can help you if you want Mr. K
Ritsu said from Nakamuras phone

Mr Kurasuma said clearly thinking of how to kill Koro sensei slowly and painfully

Ok I'll get this eye candy back home to taste I mean to rest see you later kids
Miss Bitch said while guiding Mr. K back

I did not want to know that...
Nagisa said looking like he just realized his biological parents had sex to make him....

Oh you innocent cinnamon roll
Nakamura said while playfully punching him

So no ones gonna say anything about the fact that Koro sensei Just YEET a guy away?
Kayano said

Who is that guy anyways Nagi?
Karma asked while glaring at Nakamura for getting to close to Nagisa

I..... I don't know......
Nagisa said while praying for Reo


What the fuck!!!!! I'm to young to die!!!! MAMA!!!!ahhhhhhh!!!!! Fuck you Kyo--
Reo screamed

Now now do not fret I won't let go of you
Koro sensei said

Then where are you taking me!?
Reo said while cursing Kyoya in his head

Huh? I was not expecting that kind of question. I was expecting a "who are you? what are you? What are you?" you know the usual
Koro sensei said

My employer is someone powerful so He including me got inform of you and your existence
Reo said while think his Job isn't work it

Fufufufu..... Your employer must be a very VERY successful business man yes? I remember all the faces of everyone in the meeting when I presented my wishes and deals fufufufufu
Koro sensei said

Dude can you stop that its creepy
Reo said while looking dead in Koro sensei's eyes

Huh? I'm simply saying fact
Koro sensei said

No! I mean the laugh its kinda...... Am....
Reo said trying to find the right word for it

My vocal cords are not capable of producing a normal laugh
Koro sensei said in a sad tone

Well that sucks.....  Wait where the hell are we?
Reo said realizing their above the ocean now

Koro sensei said

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