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Previously on Reo doesn't get paid enough for this....

Now let's start...shall we? Hehehehehe
Karma said as he walks closer to Reo's bed. Reo who woke up by the nurse voice is now facing the horror of a demon walking towards him and he can't do anything.

Please have mercy... I did nothing wrong...
Reo said with a raspy and weak voice

Oh! Really? Hahaha funny if my memory serves me right, You sir have made Nagisa be uncomfortable and even cry...
Karma said while looking down on Reo with a rage and murder in his eyes.

I didn't do anything to upset him...
Reo said while looking up at karma with firm eyes as if saying I'm not lying brat now get out.

Oh! Scary! Hehehe this would be more fun than I anticipated
Karma said with thrill in his eyes. But as he say that Reo was already trying to push the help button on his phone to contact Wabisabi.

I don't think you know who you're really dealing with brat...
Reo said clearly angry at something.

Oh? From what I can see infront of me an Old man who's helpless and broken
Karma said with a smirk in his face, oh how much Reo want to get up and punch that smirk of his face at the moment.

And I see an arrogant child who thinks he can control everything
Reo coldly said

Oh? Heh? I might not be able to control everything but I can clearly see, I have the upper hand here
Karma said while looking at Reo with little a rage in his eyes

Heh really? I'm pretty sure you're just here to distract yourself from the fact you can't get out of the closet and confess to the kid what's his name? Oh! Nagisa...
Reo said while forcing his self to sit up while looking at Karma's eyes, that was clearly filled in rage.

Oh I'll be having a lot of fun with you
Karma said to himself with a low voice. Reo on the other hand is cursing Wabi sabi for being slow...


Achoo! Reo is calling me? What does he need now?
Wabi sabi said while looking at his inbox, cursing Mori for going with Ritsu and set him up to sneez everytime Reo calls

Oh! Heh... I'll just get an employee stop by and save his ass
Wabi sabi said

Wabi sabi? What are you doing?
Ritsu asked

Saving Reo's ass apparently your classmate Karma was it? decides to vist him
Wabi sabi not looking at Reo at all

Oh! Okay... after that can we play online games after?
Ritsu asked

No, I need to help Kyoya with business stuff, play with Bemax or even young master Nagisa
Wabi sabi said while sending the massage.

Wabi sabi can you tell me when is my meeting?
They heard Kyoya ask Wabi sabi

At half an hour Master
Wabi sabi said.

I need to go, keep away from trouble while I'm with Kyoya
Wabi sabi said while going out of there virtual space, leaving Ritsu alone...

Wabi sabi...the imperfect and incomplete robot... a robot thats not supposed to have emotions, a robot that was supposed to not even be working, a defective robot as they say... I hope Kyoya finds a new name for him...
Ritsu said while thinking she'll just go and see what going on in Reo's side

But contrary to what Ritsu said Wabi sabi doesn't care on what his name mean because the moment he was given free will by his Master Kyoya the first thing he asked him was "Why did you name me wabi sabi? While knowing the meaning of the word?" And He still remember Kyoya's replay "because I need a reminder that one can be hundreds of years old or is a genius but they can never be perfect, they can be smart, kind and such but there's always some parts they're bad at..." kyoya said while looking at wabi sabi with a sad face... and added something he Wabi sabi could  never expect "I'm sorry if you feel hurt by your name we can change it if you want, I was not expecting you to develop into something so close to perfect..." the idiot didn't think I would be so close to perfect? He's the one who created me...

Did you say something Wabi sabi?
Kyoya asked while fixing his business suite

No Master, I didn't
Wabi sabi said

You know you can stop calling me Master right?
Kyoya said while taking his briefcase

I know, thats why I'm calling you that
Wabi sabi with a happy voice making kyoya sigh.

Wabi sabi thought while he sees kyoya open the door. In the end when we're alone with no Reo messing things up, Im his child too, his eldest child...

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