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Kyoya...... Are you proud of me?
Reo said while being taken care of Bemax

Oh shrug it off its just a bruise!
Kyoya said while watching Nagisa practicing with Mori and Honey giving Nagisa tips every now and then

I have a dislocated shoulder!!! Whaahahaha!!!
Reo said while Bemax relocates his shoulder

You are all done
Bemax said after doing a full body scans on Reo

He is satisfied with your care
Kyoya said and watched Bemax who's returning to his charging station

Oh he's all fixed up? Good I need to show Nagisa this complicated move so I need a dummy
Honey said while smiling, Nagisa can't seem to understand what Honey is trying to teach so he need to show it to him

No I am not fixed at all!!!! I'm still depressed!!!
Reo said while trying to get up from the ground

Running away will make it more fun and realistic
Honey said while looking at Reo who's running away

Uncle Honey I don't think that would be necessary
Nagisa said looking at Reo with sympathy

Honey, I don't care if you kill Reo, I only care about the house..... One broken furniture and you'll see how I deal with spys
Kyoya said while giving Nagisa a water bottle

Hehehehe don't worry I can handle this...... Plus its been a long time since I fought with him.......
Honey said while stretching his legs

He's going to the hospital
Mori said while wiping-of his sweat with a towel

Honey, don't traumatize Nagisa.....
Kyoya said while standing in front of Nagisa

Oh please Kyoya there won't even have a single drop of blood
Honey reassured Kyoya, then running off to Reo

Internal bleeding
Mori said while getting ready to cover Nagisa'a eyes

It's ok uncle Mori I'm pretty used to violence
Nagisa said while looking at Reo who's basically flying as Honey keep punching him not even letting his body contact the ground

I can't believe that is my adorable and funny uncle Honey
Nagisa muttered while looking at the scene in awe

His second blade.......
Mori said while Reo is coughing out saliva and geeting it on Honey

Oh please he doesn't need a second blade just the first move and he can already destroy his target and everything around them
Kyoya said while taking notes in his notebook ignoring the half dead Reo

Should we stop them now?
Nagisa asked thinking

And what get your self injured not in my watch Nagisa
Kyoya said before taking out his phone and making a phone call

Who are you even calling?
Mori asked while still looking at Reo and Honey

The hospital..... I rather Reo died on arrival then died on the spot, my house will not be a crime scene
Kyoya said while waiting for the Dean to answer

You to send me an ambulance
Kyoya said then hunging up

Thats a bit rude don't you think
Nagisa said while Reo is getting kicked by Honey in the background

Pro tip never rise your voice, If you talk everyone will be forced to shut up so they can hear you....... That is if you're dealing with educated idiots but if your dealing with childish idiots then well.....
Mori said in a matter of fact tone

And the more quiet you are the more intimidating you are
Mori added, amusingly forgetting his cousin is killing his other cousin in front of him

How much longer can he take?
Kyoya asked while looking at poor poor Reo with no sympathy

I must say last time they fought, Reo didn't make it pass the 9 min. mark
Mori said

That still didn't answer my question
Kyoya said

Anyways we should totally stop them now before uncle Reo do die
Nagisa said while walking up to them

Your son got ball's
Mori said

He likes balls too
Kyoya said while watching Nagisa gain honeys attention

Oh?is he out yet?
Mori asked while looking at Nagisa talking and distracting Honey from beating up Reo more

Nope but I'll wait patiently when the day comes he's ready to come out to me, After all I only just adopted him
Kyoya said while looking at Nagisa check if Reo is still breathing

Where that robotic nurse??
Mori asked looking for Bemax's charging port

He's still a prototype so he needs a little more coding
Kyoya said while still looking at Nagisa and the others

                            (  ¥  )

Are you happy now Kyoya? are you really happy?
Reo said while he's getting transported to the ambulance

This domestic abuse
Reo said

Shut up and faint already
Kyoya said

You don't care about me anymore......
Reo said

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