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Why . . . why . . . You stole my son away from me!!!!!!! You stole my happiness! My only wish was to see him grow up!! Was that a hard wish!!!! WHY DID YOU KILLED ME!!

Holy shit!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh . . .”
Zaiaku said, while rubbing his face with his hands.

“Hey are you okay? Zaiaku?”
Irina asked while knocking on his door.

“Yeah . . . I just had a bad dream that’s all”
Zaiaku said, while getting out of bed, and standing up only to stumble and fall on his butt.

“You're not a morning person I take it?”
Irina asked, with a voice full of amusement.

“Owwww what time is it anyway?”
Zaiaku said, while rubbing his butt and looking at the clock.

“Time for you to get your butt up and eat”
Irina said, with a condescending tone he always hears from his old employer the old witch.

“Geez lady can’t you just let me stay in this room for a day or so?”
Zaiaku said, while finally picking himself up.

“Nope, I missed a school field trip just to take care of you. You are not allowed to waste my efforts”
Irina said, while taking a hairpin from her hair to pick the door knob with.

“You don’t need to pick the door knob!! I’m going out anyway! I’m not stupid! I won’t anger an assassin trained to kill men!”
Zaiaku said, while opening the door. Only to realize he's shirtless right now. 

“I’ll rate it a 5. Your big brother is the only 10”
Irina said, while looking at his abs. 

“I’m honored?”
Zaiaku said, while looking like a confused puppy.

“You should be! I’ve seen a lot of men, most of them didn’t even reach 4. Now go and get dress breakfast is waiting”
Irina said, while walking to the kitchen.

“She can cook?”
Zaiaku asked himself. Only for Irina to hear and shout

I heard that and It’s takeout”  
She doesn’t want to ruin her nails cooking food.
Not today bitch plus her darling won’t even get to eat it. 

“What kind of take out?”
Zaiaku asked, before sitting on the breakfast table 

Convenience store bento”
Irina replayed. While drinking her coffee 

“Oh, I thought it would be worst”
Zaiaku said, while pouring coffee for himself. And they just silently and awkwardly eat. Zaiaku knowing Irina would want to talk about his dream. And Irina knowing he knows what she wants to talk about yet she’s hesitating on doing it because she feels like it's not her place to do so and it's Karasuma.

“And thus they just sit there waiting for the other to talk”

“Do you want to say something?”
Zaiaku finally asked. Thinking that it’s best to be over with it already then let his big brother know about it.

“Look, It’s no big secret between the two of us that I’m an assassin. Meaning I kill people for a living. I know how easily for guilt to consume you”
Irina said, with an apologetic tone.

“I know it’s not my place but talking to a professional helped me maybe . . .”
Irina added. Clearly implying something.

“Yes, but unlike you I killed an innocent woman who just wanted to see her son grow up”
Zaiaku said, while looking at his coffee.

“All the more reason for you to get professional help . . . Because unlike you Zaiaku I can convince myself that I was justified for killing those men”
Irina said, making Zaiaku look at her.

“Tell me. . . what was your reaction when they told you that you need to teach kids how to kill their teacher?”
Zaiaku asked.

“How will you convince yourself that the experiment was not a good man? That he didn’t guide those children into believing in themselves? Into believing they have a future? How will you convince yourself that the experiment was nothing but a vail creature nothing more nothing else”
Zaiaku added.

“Honestly at first I didn’t give a shit about those children. I thought I could kill that  perverted octopus all on my own. BUT nope he had other plans for me, who would have guessed I’ll meet the love of my life while doing a mission”
Irina said, with bitterness in her voice.

“You know a student pointed out that the 1% chance of that octopus destroying the planet isn’t as special as we thought. AKA we are overreacting”
Irina said, while drinking what’s left of her coffee.

“One of them is already questioning the need to kill the octopus”
Zaiaku stated, Irina just nodded her head.

“Yup, and I’m sure your brother is already questioning it too. Honestly I don’t know what to do or what to say to that child? That everything is going to be okay? While won’t clearly wont! *sigh*”
Irina said, while putting his coffee down as she’s afraid she might throw it at Zaiaku.

“I honestly don’t know . . . I may be working for the government too but . . . I don't kill people”
Zaiaku said. Also at a lost on what to say to Irina 

“Zaiaku that’s why you need to get help” 
Irina said. Making Zaiaku groan as he thought he had escaped that already.

“I’ll think about it . . .”
Zaiaku said, before eating again.

“What should I tell Nagisa . . . “
Irina asks herself, before eating again.

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