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Kyoya's P.O.V

That child...... I will make him feel love and accepted as much as I can. I won't neglect him and I won't be a helicopter parent either.
I'll just be there for him. I KYOYA OOTORI VOW TO NOT. CHOOSE MONEY OVER MY CHILD even if I lose my whole company I won't be like my father I Vow to never be like my father.

*Then cut to a seen where he saw children who's wearing the same uniform as Nagisa jumping from roof to roof*

"I must be imagining thing because of lack of sleep" I whispered to myself no way in hell did I just saw a bunch of children jumping from roof to roof yeah no way. I just need more sleep yeah that's it I need more sleep

Nagisa's P.O.V

"You know nagisa" Kayano said. I noticed she's a little nervous but why?

"Know what?" I asked.

"I I I just want to say" she said. spill it out already

"Yoh Nagisa Wait up" karma said. Aww She got interrupted by Karma

"Morning Nagisa.... Kayano" karma said putting his arm on my shoulder. how the hell and I was jogging mind you

"Mo morning Karma" kayano said

"Morning Karma" I said

"Amm Karma could you get your arm off pls" I said. Its uncomfortable jogging while someones is this close to you. You're sweaty bodies rubbing against each other like no wayyyy

"Ah oh yeah sorry about that" karma said. While taking his arm off my shoulders

"Ammmm guysss?" Kayano said. Shoot I kinda forgot she was with us.

"Yes KA...YA..NO?" karma said with a deadly low voice

"Oh what's this a bunch of children slacking off?" Koro sensei said. Appearing in thin air

"Shut up octopus" Karma said

"We're multitasking what slacking off?" karma added. Well he's right we're still jogging. We're just walking at the same time

*awkward silence*

"Fufufufu a good assassin always has eyes at the target" Koro sensei said then despairing on us. What the hell does that have a connection with the topic?

*bam bam* tsk stupid octopus"
Karma said when He missed his shoot.

"Um guys We're done with our laps" kayano said

"Maybe I'm done but karma was late so punishment and also you remember?" I said. We did 5 laps Koro sensei said she needs to do 10 laps while Karmas is the same but instead Of Kayano who'll get out of this at her 6th lap. he actually needs to do 10 laps

"Fineeee" Kayano said then continued jogging

"Wait why do I have to do 10 laps?" karma asked

"Because You were late silly" I said with a smile on my face

Karma's P.O.V

Frightening and He's more frightening because he doesn't realized he's frightening. He's pure but he can kill

"You better start Now or else we'll add another lap on your 6 laps" He threatened Oh shoot how can someone so cute be frightening as if their a Demons Child?

"Still not starting?" He said. Oh shit

"I'm starting See you Nagisa" I said Holly Shit

"Hey Karma!!!!!" someone called my name Ah its Sugino and the others finally

"Dude's you're super late as in" I said

"Yeah we know we're sorry my alarm clock didn't work on me" He said.and the others nodded in agreement

"Well no time for slacking off boys and girls go and stretch" Koro sensei appeared again

"And Karma if you don't want to have another 5 laps added I suggest you to go on now" Koro sensei said. I started jogging again well basically running as I want to talk to Kayano.

"Kayano! Wait up!" I said

"Karma-kun this is jogging not running" she said

"Hehehehe I know but I wanted to ask you a question hehehe" I said. She looked at me nervous and scared are my horns showing?

"Wha what is it Karma-kun?" she asked

"Do you like Nagisa?" I asked. I already know the answer its so Obvious

"Wha what make you think that?" She said. I looked at her straight in the eye with the are you kidding me look

"*sigh* yes ok yes I have a crush on Nagisa" she said realizing she won't get out of this

"Its fine I do too" I said non-chalancklly said

"What wha...?
Wait karma you're Gay?" tooked her long enough

"Yes and I also have a crush on Nagisa" I said

"So you better watch out" I said in a a deadly low voice. Then I jogged ahead leaving her behind.

Somewhere where Karma can't see

"Fufufufu Oh this will be fun"

A/n: It will late a super long time to update because of Mt. Taal I'm Stuck preparing some donations to the victims soo yeahhh...

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