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“Stupid Kyoya!!!!!!!!!”
Wabi-sabi shouted while appearing in Reo’s hospital room. Making the sleeping Reo wake up and grab a knife on the bedside table, and throw it to the TV where Wabi-sabi is.

“Shut up!!”
Reo shouted, and went back to sleep.

“You can’t even see me while laying down!”
Wabi-sabi complained, while transferring himself to Reo’s phone.

“*sign* you’re not leaving are you!”
Reo said, with an annoyed tone of voice.

“Yes, I’m not”
Wabi-sabi said, from Reo’s phone, that it's facing flat against the bedside table.

“Aren’t you supposed to be with Kyoya? What will he say to this? Both of us gone”
Reo said, while looking at his broken leg.

“Simple he’ll say something like, another headache gone. Or something and just so you know, It’s not like I want to get away from him . . .”
Wabi-sabi answered back, with a sad puppy tone of voice.

“What did that Idiot do?”
Reo immediately asked, just from hearing Wabi-sabi’s voice he can already tell Kyoya did something that hurt his feelings.

“He gave me a week off”
Wabi-sabi replayed, with a weak voice. 

“Isn’t that good?”
Reo asked,with a confused look on his face. 

“Well I just think he won’t survive without me for a day”
Wabi-sabi said, weakly. Making Reo smirk a little.

“Really now? Are you sure about that?”
Reo said, while opening his eyes. 

“Of course!”
Wabi-sabi instantly said.

“You’re too close to Kyoya that sometimes, I think you’ll kill me when you see me with him”
Reo said, in a matter of fact tone of voice. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m just doing what I’m created for
Wabi-sabi said.

“Yes, you were. But now that you have free will . . . are you sure?”
Reo pointed out.

“Well . . . oh shut up”
Wabi-sabi said.

“What do you want then? Do you want to always stay by his side? Until he dies?”
Reo asked

“He will only die of old age!”
Wabi-sabi said as if he’s dead set on making that happen. 

“What about me? Will you do everything you can to insure I'll die of old age?”
Reo asked, in a hopeful tone.

“I don’t want to live my life protecting you from your own stupidness”
Wabi-sabi said, without any remorse for Reo’s pride and heart.

“Can’t you show a little bit of pity for an injured man's heart?”
Reo said, with his voice full of grievance.

“No, plus it's impossible for you to die of old age. The ghosts from your old job will come back and haunts you”
Wabi-sabi said, as if he’s not talking about someone's impending death.

“Not really the nicest thing to say to a person who's stuck in a hospital bed . . “
Reo muttered under his breath.

“Plus do you really think I don’t know that? It’s all fun and games, until someone's I know from my past job wants to kill me”
He said, as if he’s waiting for it to happen.

“Real question is . . . when the time comes will you help me escape? Will you tell Kyoya where I am?”
Rea asked, in a curious  voice.

“What makes you think Kyoya would be interested in saving you?”
Wabi-sabi brutally said.

“I mean He let you get this beat up didn’t he? So what makes you think he would save you?”
Wabi-sabi added. Making Reo feel like he’s getting stabbed in the back for some reason.

“Even though you’re upset, you’re brutal as always. I see” 
Reo said. 

“I’m not that upset to the point I forget how stupid you are”
Wabi-sabi said.

“Wabi-sabi you live your life for just one day or so without us with you. Can you do that?”
 Reo asked, in a challenging tone of voice.

“Or are you too much of a worrywart to do that? Maybe your name suites you after all”
He added. Triggering wabi-sabi a bit.

“Oh have you forgotten who I am? the ai who’s surpass Kyoya Ootori’s expectations, The KYOYA OOTORI”
 Wabi-sabi said with his voice full of pride.

“An ai who easily changed his priority to I am mad that my creator to I worship my creator. Honestly we are getting to nowhere NOW GO let an injured man sleep will you”
Reo said, before closing his eyes and falling asleep.

Wabi-sabi said before disappearing from god’s knows where.


“Hey, Nagi what are you guys talking about over there?”
Karma said, while talking to them.

“Nothing, just Ritsu asked something really offensive and refused to apologize for it. Everything is okay now”
Nagisa said, as Karma put his arm around his waist.

“Oh? That’s good. You know for an AI you can say some dumb things Ritsu”
Karma said to Ritsu while facing Yoshio and glaring at him.


“HEY Give me some credit, will you!!”
Ritsu said, on Nagisa's phone.

“AND let go of Nagisa right now mister”
Ritsu added, while glaring at Karma.

“And they have formed a glaring triangle . . . Ritsu to Karma, Karma to Yoshia, and Yoshia to Ritsu for screaming I guess?”
Nagisa thought, while he removed Karma’s hand from his waist.

“Sorry Mr Ootori if my student here said something offensive”
Mr. Karasuma said, with an apologetic look. While Ritsu quietly mumbled “ Why do we need to fear him? He’s weak compared to father”  

“What was that?”
Karma asked, while putting his arm around Nagisa’s shoulder this time.

I have no Idea . . . shouldn’t we continue the tour? I mean we barely even started”
Nagisa said, quickly changing the subject.

“Yeah, we aren’t even half way”
Kayano said, while talking to them and removing Karma’s arm from nagisa.

“Oh, my apologies. I didn’t notice just how much time I was wasting. Now come along”
Yoshia said, before walking.

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