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Oh? How funny, if I were you I would have second thoughts...
Reo said while thinking wabi sabi where the heck are you? Did you get me help? Please dont tell me you ignored my text (T - T) your uncle is going to get more beat up then he already is...

Oh! Hahahah why would I have second thoughts when you're already so helpless you keep forgetting tsk tsk tsk right now you cant defend yourself, you're like a politician all talk but no work
Karma said while grabbing Reo by his hair

You know for a brat you're really one sided
Reo said with a smirk in his face, then the door open

Excuse me? I justed received a text from a relative of you-
A nurse walks in with a phone, only to see one of his patients being grab by the hair

What are you doing?
He asked as he walks to them and separated Karma from Reo...

Listen here boy, Mr Hanyu is already hurt enough, you grabbing his hair like that is justed rude and hurtful 
The nurse said in a scolding tone

I was justed helping with his hair Sir
Karma replied with a sweet smile

Oh? Then can you leave visiting hours are done
The nurse said with the same sweet smile and tone. Making Karma feel intimidated so he walks away while glaring at Reo and mouthing This is not the end  while Reo was just looking at the nurse who saved his ass

Mr Hanyu,lay back down please
The nurse not giving crap about Reo staring at him and just doing his job, making sure Reo is alright.

Please push the call button if you need anything
The nurse said with a sweet smile then leaving the room, leaving Reo by himself

Please dont tell me your falling in love with the nurse...
Ritsu said after appearing in the TV

I am not... I think
Reo said

You think!!
Ritsu said in disbelief

Hey he's hot
Reo said defending himself

Oh my gosh! REO!!
Ritsu said

Ugh leave me alone...
Reo said while covering himself with a blanket

Whos older?  Me or you?
Ritsu muttered then leaving. Leaving Reo alone to sleep.

The next day...

Young Master Nagisa wake up you need to get ready for your school trip
Wabi sabi said in a very scared tone...

Hmm? What time is it?
Nagisa asked while trying to get out of the bed

Its 3:30 justed like you asked me to wake you up
Wabi sabi said

Oh? Okay...
Nagisa said as he finally gets out of bed and stretched a bit

How's uncle Reo by the way?
Nagisa asked while talking to the bathroom

Reo had regain consciousness yesterday
Wani sabi said in a very very sad tone

Eh? Why a sad voice?
Kyoya said while walking to the room, Nagisa already opened the door

You already know why Master Kyoya
Wabi sabi said.Reo was the one who was supposed to wake Kyoya up not wabi sabi

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