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“And that concludes our tour, any questions?” 
Yoshia said, while slowing down his walking.

Yes, actually if any of the experiments fail how do you move on sir?”
Kayano asked, not caring how the other’s looked at her weirdly for always asking questions.

Oh, well I always remember that failure is part of the road to success. You must not look at failure as something to be ashamed of, as in every failure there’s always something to learn in”
Yoshia said, looking at her with fondness as she’s the only one who seemed to be interested in what he was saying.He reminds him of someone.

Oh that’s why you're so prideful even though you failed a lot of time
Karma said, making Yoshia a little irritated.

“Well if I let my failure define me then I won’t get anywhere would I? you should know already know that”
Yoshia said, making karma walk closer to him planning something.

Okay now, I think It’s time for us to go now!”
Koro sensei said, while Nagisa hugged karma from behind to stop him.

Yes, I believe we already made the bus wait for us long enough”
Mr. Karasuma said, while looking at his wrist watch.

Yes that’s right Mr. Karasuma. Now let's all go back now! Say thank you for Mr. Ootori’’
Koro sensei said, while looking at Yoshia in the eye’s makes him uncomfortable.

Thank you for your time, Mr. Ootori!”
Nagisa and the others said with a small bow. With Karma looking at half assing it and just looking suspiciously at Nagisa’s butt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°),

Oh, would you looks at that . . . fufufufufu”
Koro sensei said, with an evil grin on his face.

“I know that look . . . don’t even think about  it Octopus”
Mr. Karasuma, while walking closer to him.

“Oh please fufufufu I don’t know what you mean fufufufu”
Koro sensei said, while his face has green stripes all over it.

“*sigh* anyways we’ll be going in reverse this time the tallest will be the first, I’ll take care of them. You take care of the shorter ones”
Mr. Karasuma said, only for Koro sensei to tell him.

“Calling people short is rude you know!! and I’m willing to bet my money if they hear you say that they’ll kill you”
Koro sensei said, while grinning profusely.

“You will not tell them that . . .”
Mr. Karasuma said, while glaring at Koro sensei 

“Do your job . . .”
 Mr. Karasuma added, while walking to Terasaka and the others.

“Koro sensei . . .”
Nagisa said, seemingly out of nowhere. Making Koro sensei jump of surprise.

“Oh Nagisa!! you almost gave your dear sensei a heart attack!”
Koro sensei said, as he rubs his chest.

If that’s what kills you, I'm sure everyone will throw a fit”
Nagisa said, with a small smile on his face.

“You might be right about that . . . Anyways, what is it that you want? Some alone time with someone perhaps? Or . . . do you want to sit next to someone in particular?”
Koro sensei asked, with an all knowing grin on his face.

Yes actually, I want to ask you to accompany me to the restroom”
Nagisa said,with that small smile still on his face.

“Oh? I don’t know . . . maybe karma can accompany you instead of me . . .”
Koro sensei said.

“Oh no I don’t want to break the line Karma is fifth tallest boy in our class, so it must be you”
Nagisa said, dropping the small smile on his face and replacing it with a grin. Knowing full well that he won this time.

“I guess . . . fine off we go now  . . .”
Koro sensei said, while holding nagisa and mach 20 it up to the bathroom.

“Do what you need to do I’ll wait for you here”
Koro sensei said, while standing at the restroom entrance. Only for Nagisa to not walk in and look at him with a serious look on his face.

“Yes? What is it?”
Koro sensei asked, with a confused face.

“If there’s a chance for the world to survive with you alive will you take it?”
Nagisa asked, while looking at koro sensei straight in the eyes.

“What’s this about? Did you lie on going to the restroom just so you can ask me that question?”
Koro sensei said, clearly avoiding answering the question.

“Do you really want to die? In our hands? Are you okay knowing that you dying means a lifelong trauma for us?”
Nagisa said,  while walking closer to Koro sensei 

“Now, I don’t know what’s this is all coming from but if you don’t need to go then we must join the others now”
Koro sensei said, while mach 20’ing them with the other’s.

“You’re avoiding the question and you’re not even trying hiding it’
Nagisa said, with his eyes glaring glaring at Koro sensei.

“Is it because you yourself don’t know what you want . . . Or maybe you really want to die . . . but if that’s the case . . . why drag us children into this mess? Do you have a thing on permanently scarring children's minds? OR perhaps you want to be remembered and what better way for that to happen than purposely letting children see you die right in front of them . . .” 
Nagisa said quietly, with the air around him turning colder and colder on every question.

“I don’t have to explain my actions to any of you”
Koro sensei said. Only to be faced with a murderous Nagisa.

"Nagisa . . . yooo!! I was looking everywhere for you!!”
Karma said, clearly breaking the tension around the two. 

“Let’s go inside the bus now the other’s are waiting”
Kayano said, with a smile on her face, clearly didn’t feel the coldness that surrounds the two.

“Yeah let’s go”
Nagisa said, while looking at Koro sensei. And letting the two push him to the bus.

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