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Thank you for the food. Now we have to go....
Mori said while taking his phone out probably to call for a driver to pick them up.

Uncle Mori.... When will you teach me advance self defense?
Nagisa said.

Tomorrow afternoon
Mori said

But I want to teach Nagisa NOW!
Honey said throwing a tantrum. Geazz Honey your already in your 30's.

But something came up in the company we're both needed
Mori said. like talking to a toddler

Honey pouted. Gotta admit his cute.

Let's go
Mori said; while walking to the Front door.

Nagisa-chan Don't worry I'll come back as soon as possible!!!!
Honey said while getting pulled by Mori to go outside.

Oh hehehehe its ok I'm in no rush hehehe
Nagisa said seeing his Uncles act like this

Help I'm being kidnapped!!!!
Nagisa heard from the outside seems to be his uncle honey who said that.

Pffhh hahahaah with Uncle honeys appearance.... people would be..believe him hahahah...
Nagisa burst out laughing

Food!!!! I'm dying of hunger!!!
Reo shouted while suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

Am Uncle Reo
Nagisa said while watching Reo run to the kitchen to look for food.

Where's the food?! Wheres the food!?!?! Nagisa where did your Dad hide the food?
Reo said while looking every nuck and cranky of the kitchen.

Simple I didn't make one for you
Kyoya suddenly said while drinking his cup of coffee.

What!?!?! Why!?!?
Reo shouted

Nagisa can cook on his own while you relay on me to cook for you I think its time you learn
Kyoya said

But I already know how to cook
Reo said

Thats right so cook your own food
Kyoya said

Kyoya I think your going too easy on Uncle Reo
Nagisa said. Still pissed at Reo for causing him to fully wake up.

Nagisa are you sure Kyoya isn't your biological father?
Reo said

Yes I've meet my Dad and he has blue hair just like me and mom
Nagisa said.

Reo said

Nagisa's phone rang; so he went and answer it.

μ= Nagisa
#= karma


#= hey Nagi. Want to hang out?

μ= amm I don't know..... I don't want to look for trouble at the moment

#= oh come on Isogai and the others are coming as well

μ= Amm I'll think about it.....

#= The time is 1:00pm sharp ok. don't be late.

μ= huh?

#= ok bye see you there....

μ= huh? Wait Karma!!

#= *beep*beep*beep*

Call ends

Nagisa's P.O.V

Whats up with him?! Wait... I don't even know where this house's vocation is. And will Kyoya allow me to go?

Huh? Nagisa is something wrong?
Kyoya said. Noticing my troubled face

My friends asked if I can hang out with them at the mall
I said; will he say yes?

Do you want to?
He asked

Ye...yeah of course
I said

Then go. although you have to let Reo drive you. This house is to far away for you to walk.
He said. He actually said yes....  Yes!!!

Yey. Uncle Reo....
I said. Kyoya said yes but now Its Uncle Reo's turn

Huh? Wait.... What!?! Kyoya!! You are more then capable on driving Nagisa to the mall..... lazy ass
Uncle Reo said. I looked back at Kyoya and saw him a little bit angry

Well.... Its your job
Kyoya said

My Job is to drive YOU not take care of your son for you. Gosh it isn't even a week and your already throwing your son at me
Uncle Reo said. Gotta admit that hurt

Its ok if Uncle Reo doesn't like me. Kyoya....can you pls drive me to the mall..... Someone hates me and doesn't want to
I said.with puppy dog eyes

Yes that someone is a lazy-ass, unreliable and cruel person. Now  freshen up first we before leave
Kyoya said. I took a glance at Uncle Reo looks like he's guilty and hurted at the same time

Really.....  Yey ok I'll go to my room now
I said before running of to my room

Kyoya's P.O.V

Reo.... I hired you to drive and protect
I said

Yes you hired me to drive YOU and protect YOU not Nagisa
He said.

What if My Family trys to get close to Nagisa huh? I need you to protect Nagisa as much as you protect Me
I said.

Fine what do you want me to do?
He said

Follow Nagisa. But stay hidden
I said.

Oh just like a ninja.... I like that idea
He said. Why did I hired him in the first place again...?

Kyoya!!! I'm done!!!!
I heard Nagisa said

Ok meet you down stairs at the garage!!
I said

Ok then!!
I heard him say while I was going down stairs

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