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Tamaki . . . are you sure about this?”
Yuzuru asked his son, while holding some paperwork.

Yes, I am”
Tamaki said, while sitting on his study.Sadness painted on his handsome face.

I thought you only met the child today?!”
Kyoya said, while he walked in the room.

Oh come on Kyoya! You’re one to talk . . .”
Tamaki said, with the best puppy eyes he can do.

You don’t know anything about my son and I’m not a relative of the person who killed his mother. So Tamaki no matter how much you use those puppy eyes of yours it won’t work”
Kyoya said, while looking through some files in his hands.

He’s right and quite frankly Tamaki. If you’re this impatient and unconcern of what the boy would feel then I don’t think you’re ready to be a father”
Yuzuru said to his son.  

He has a point . . . I know you feel guilty   Tamaki,I know you feel that you took the boy's mother from him but don’t  take away his right to have a say on what happens in his life too. Even if he’s a minor”
Kyoya said, while writing something down in his notebook.

“ . . . “

Give me the legal papers or do I have to take it from you?”
Tamaki said, after a long pulse to think about it.

You are just going to make him hate you more! Tamaki he will see you as the monster you think he sees you now! Think for a second”
Yuzuru shouted at his son. Only for that said son to not even flinch.

“I am now the head of this family aren’t I?”
Tamaki said, with a stern voice.

Tamaki Suoh, I would like to inform you that there is no legal way to adopt the child
Kyoya said, with his voice void of all emotions.

Tamaki shouted, as Yuzuru passed the folder to him.

What do you think? There’s no way in hell would anyone allow you of all people to adopt a child”
Kyoya said.

How about fostering?”
Tamaki asked, while reading what’s on the folder.

“That has a higher chance than adopting but at the same time it would be every hard to keep this away from the press’s eyes”
Kyoya said, while looking at Tamaki.

also think about it Tamaki . . .that child will be seen by high society as an illegitimate child, adopting or fostering”
Kyoya added.

Who cares of what they say or think”
Tamaki said, making Kyoya and Yuzuru look at him in bewilderment.

Do you remember your own childhood Tamaki? How you needed to act like you don’t care but inside it hurt? Do you really want that child who also won’t have a say in anything, experience that?” 
 Yuzuru said to his own son, Yes , he wasn’t ignorant of his son's sufferings; he simply didn’t know what to do to help him at the time. There was a time where he asked himself if it was the right choice to have his mother have a say on how to raise his son. But what’s done is done.
He couldn’t man up and stand up to his mother.

Tamaki . . . THINK about this. Like I said this isn’t some kind of novel, this is real life with consequence. A child's whole life will change with this decision for better or for worse”
 Kyoya said.

“Does Haruhi know of this?”
Yuzuru asked, knowing full well his daughter-in-law wouldn't permit this if she knew.

Tamaki said, with a low voice now that his father and Kyoya gave him something to think about.

“She’s your wife. She needs to have a say on this”
Yuzuru said, while turning and walking out.

“You should have thought of this more seriously Tamaki. And here I thought you’ve grown out of your carefree state”
Kyoya said, while he looked at the closing door.

I justed wanted the boy to have a happy life”
Tamaki said, while avoiding looking at Kyoya.

“How can you be so sure he would be happy with you? How can you be so sure he would look at you with a smile that reaches his eyes? How can you be so sure you can protect him from the dark side of business and high society?”
Kyoya asked.

“I don’t know . . . But I'm willing to try my best”
Tamaki said

Then think about it and if you didn’t change your mind find someone else to help you . . . I won’t help you with this. I have an empire and technically four children to take care of”
Kyoya said, while he walked to the door and opened it.

You’re really changed Kyoya . . .”
Tamaki said.

Well I’m trying to be good influence for my children thus I won’t compromise moral with money”
Kyoya said, while closing the door behind him. Leaving Tamaki to think for himself.

“Wow . . .that was a nice thing to say, Kyoya. 
Or should I call you father now?”
Wabi-sabi said, from his phone.

You are supposed to be on vacation yet you didn’t even last a day”
Kyoya said, while he walked to the nearest exit.

“Other humans are boring . . .and I thought about it . . . When you die I will protect Nagisa in your place. And when he dies I would protect whoever’s the head of the empire you build and nurtured”
Wabi-sabi said, in a soft voice.

“Even with free will”
Kyoya said.

“Yes, because like you said I am one of your children and I am the oldest minus Reo his mentally younger than me but still the point is . . . I won’t let this family fall apart when you’re working so hard to make it in a first place”’
Wabi-sabi said, while Kyoya was getting inside his limo.

“Do whatever you want as long as you are happy”
Kyoya said.

“Because that’s all that you wish for? For us to live a happy life. Spoken like a true father”
Wabi-sabi said, while Kyoya shook his head in amusement. He doesn't know if he’s getting soft because of his age or because of his children. He isn’t sure if this is a good thing or not . . .

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