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Time pasted its now the end of the school day. So far no one noticed Nagisa acting weird. Well except for karma but.... He doesn't count ok.

Hey Nagisa wanna hang out?
Karma asked; while walking to Nagisa

Ahhh no thank you Mom told me go straight home
Nagisa said.

Oh come on. since when did you went home straight?
Karma said

Ex... Excuse me!? What!??
Nagisa said.

Yeah we always take detours remember?
Karma said. Trying to cover what he originally meant.

But I can't today or any other day you know how mom is.... She's too protective.
Nagisa said. Not wanting Karma to see him with Kyoya.

Karma my boy can you stay in class for a second!
Koro sensei said.

*sigh.....* annoying ok you go a head Nagisa and go straight home
Karma said and secretly wish Nagisa isn't straight.

Oh o ok then bye....
Nagisa said while thanking Koro sensei in his head.

Nagisa's P.O.V

Thank youuuu Koro sensei you're a life saver..!!!!. Ok now I have to go meet Kyoya God I hope no one sees me.

*texts kyoya*

μ: hey School's done for the day I'm heading down now.

¥: Ok. I'm already pretty close by.

μ: Ok then see you..

¥: Don't get in any Car without seeing me beside it.

μ: yeah yeah geazz I'm not a kid anymore

¥: just saying......

μ: okok bye I need to keep my eyes on the path now

¥: what you're texting and walking thats dangerous

μ: Say's the guys who's texting and driving -_-

¥: who said I'm driving. I'm in a cafe :p

μ: okok byeee.....now

¥: ok see you there and be careful

      End of the conversation

Geazz I feel like Kyoyas babying to much. And It's just the first day of him being my Dad.oh boy this will be a wild ride.

Kyoya's P.O.V

Kyoyaaa.... Kyoya!!!
Tamaki said

What? My world!!!
I said; gosh he's still annoying

Who are you texting?
Hikaru asked

Non of your business
I said. Its bad enough that Honey and Mori knows

Your GF?
Kaoru said

What no Kyoya-chan's texting his son
Honey said. God honeyyy what did I say....keep it a secret

You have a son!!!
You have a son!!!
You have a son!!!
Hikaru,Kaoru and Tamaki said at once. Gosh my earsss

Oh sorry kyoya-chan
Honey said Finally realizing what he said.

Mommy!! Since when did you have a son?!?!
Tamaki said. My Gosh he still using that pet names

Yes so? And stop calling me Mommy Tamaki we're already in our mid 30's
I said.

Anyways I gotto go pick him up from school.
I said. While getting my suitcase

Oh wait for us Kyoya-chan
Honey said. I forgot I'm going do intrudes them to Nagisa. And maybe ask Honay and Mori to teach Nagisa some self defense. that is if he wants too.

Ok come on Mori , Honey
I said.  On my way to the door

Hey no fair.
Hikaru said

How come Honey and Mori can get to make him.
Kaoru said

Because I know they won't weird my son out
I said before leaving. I got in the parking lot and waited for Honey and Mori. Gosh it's so hot in here on second thought I'm going to wait in the car.

Kyoya-chan we're here lets go!!
Honey said while entering the car along with Mori.

I said. Then started the car and we're off.

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