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Nagisa the pro assassin by LuKy_Cl0ver
Nagisa the pro assassinby The "Innocent" One
After that crazy fiasco with the new gym teacher, The E-class has gotten suspicious of Nagisa lately. Assumptions are made that Nagisa may be hiding a secret from the en...
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Clannad by Takamiya
Clannadby Takamiya Mae
this story is about the two loving couple Nagisa and Tomoya who always fighting and teasing each other but when they became a couple Nagisa Died from a car accident and...
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Our Love Was Taken Away (HaruxMakoto) by cckcosplay
Our Love Was Taken Away ( cckcosplay
Haru and Makoto had been friends for a long time. As 12th graders ,Makoto comes out as being gay. Haru has hid his crush on Makoto untill now. The two fall in love and i...
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Blurs by anime--
Blursby 놓아
"I can't live without you." "Yes you can." "No I can't! I need you to protect me, I need you to make me feel safe again, I just need you. With m...
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Tiny Book of Ansatsu Kyoushitsu by Tsuzemi
Tiny Book of Ansatsu Kyoushitsuby zemi
Requests are [CLOSED] as of [--/--/----] Includes: - One-Shots - Short Stories - Fun Facts And other things related to Anatsu Kyoushitsu
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He's not that bad ~ Rin Matsuoka by matsuokatrash
He's not that bad ~ Rin Matsuokaby matsuokatrash
You just moved from America to Japan, to live with your brother Makoto, and your mom. You unexpectedly run into Rin, after class. You develop a crush on him, but everyon...
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Free! Iwatobi Swim Club (Character x Reader) by Pain_Is_Lovely
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club ( Thomas The Train
Under the sea where hot guys swim!!! (Lol) Welp, this is my very first one-shot book. Free! Iwatobi Swim Club One Shots x Reader with a pinch of lemons <3 If you hav...
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☆Assassination Classroom One-Shots☆ by xX_Diamond_Xx
☆Assassination Classroom One-Shots☆by ✧Diamond✧
Haiiiiii :3 So basically it's a collection of One-Shots (x Readers) of the anime and manga Assassination Classroom ^~^ For those who don't like fluffy and cheesy things...
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X READER 🥑 🌵Disclaimer : ansatsu kyoushitsu otherwise known as assassination classrooom does not belong to me, but the book cover was edited by @cosmicmyg, aka me !! ^...
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SPLASH! Honey [FREE! Fanfiction](on-hold) by NikoroAyaAkimotaku
SPLASH! Honey [FREE! Fanfiction]( Nikoro Akimotaku
The Water is my friend. It's my mind,my body and my soul, I can't live without it..So can you. That's why I want to be like water, Shapeless...Unrefined. Gentle, but can...
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Too Much (Rei x Reader) by DisneySenpai
Too Much (Rei x Reader)by Disney
A heart touching/breaking Rei Ryugazaki x Reader that might make you cry! I REALLY appreciate his much love and support this story has gotten. It means so very much to...
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Nitori and Nagisa react to pictures~ by _Hazuki_Nagisa_
Nitori and Nagisa react to ~Nagisa & Ai-senpai~
Here I will post pictures and there will be my reaction, Nitori's and Nagisa's~
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Free! Iwatobi Swim Club X Reader Pirate AU One Shots by katpad01
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club X Reader Lots Of XReaders
This one shot book is all about you and your favorite swimmer being a mermaid or a pirate. Or you can be a mermaid or a pirate I write about all the swimmers, including...
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Assassination Classroom Role-play time~! [Discontinued] by Shinkan
Assassination Classroom Shinkan
Well, shits and giggles here.~ My two second directors are awesome to give the starting point for this.~ xD If you want to be part of this, PM me to do the role-play. Th...
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Rin x Haru: A One Of A Kind Relationship by AmyLilyM
Rin x Haru: A One Of A Kind amy
A Rin and Haru Fanfiction. This is probably my second fanfic. Enjoy!
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Amor No Correspondido by ferneptuno
Amor No Correspondidoby 🌸𝑺𝒉𝒖𝒗𝒊🌸
Nagisa ha estado enamorado de karma por mucho tiempo.Pero al final se da cuenta que karma solo lo mira como amigo .Pero Nagisa toma una decisión para no dañarse mas y ha...
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One Shots -Strawberry Panic by Objects_Take_Action
One Shots -Strawberry Panicby Michael
ATTENTION - GIRL X GIRL IN THIS! (That's what yuri stands for) I am developing a new genre. Hope you like! The story lines will be fast moving and romantic (that's shizu...
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Strawberry Lips [Nagisa Hazuki x Reader] {Lemon} by Anifanfic
Strawberry Lips [Nagisa Hazuki x Anifanfic
Reader and Nagisa have been dating for years now, and often get teased because nothing physical ever happens between them. Finally, they decided to change that, but want...
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Free! Expectations by Skylar_ketchum
Free! Expectationsby Skylar Jade
This story begins between episodes 4 and 5 of iwatobi swim club. Skylar is a young girl, who believes that life is a living hell. She is depressed, is abused at home, a...
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The Birthday Surprise of a Lifetime. by Heartless_Prince
The Birthday Surprise of a Heartless_Prince
There were words that stuck with Rei ever since he was little, they were literally stuck on him, it consumed his thoughts and his dreams, when Rei is the new transfer st...
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