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Thank You Mr. Ootori for agreeing.
Mr. Asano said. Looking to the man infront of him

Its not a problem. Maybe those children will be future employees of my company. Who knows.... In return But I want a
privet time with this E-Class of yours they seem interesting.
Mr. Ootori said ; while looking outside

The E-class!? Oh Mr. Ootori are you sure?....
Mr. Asano said.

Yes I'm 100% sure. Now I have a meeting to get to I best be going
Mr. Ootori said;turing around and walking pass principle Assano.

Yes of course
Principle Asano said. Ofcourse Mr. Ootori was already gone when he said it.

My world.... why does that man want to meet the E-class?
Principle Asano thought;while walking out of the office

Mean while.........

Kyoya!!! Wake up feed ussss!!!!!!
Reo shouted to the poor sleeping Kyoya.

Amm Reo I don't think thats a Good Idea......
Honey said stopping Reo from screaming again.

What do you mean Master Honey I always do this. I've only end up having a few bruises thats all.
Reo said. Not noticing Kyoya getting up from behind him with an angry face.

Maybe you can be the punching bag when Nagisa and Mori are training
Kyoya said. Holding Reo's shoulder

Master forgave me!!!!
Reo said;Knowing he cross the line on this one.

And now you call me Master huh.....
Kyoya said looking for pissed then before

What if Nagisa wakes up because of your screaming huh did you think of that?
Kyoya said. Looking at the kneeling Reo in front of him

Its to late for that
Nagisa suddenly said.

Uncle Reo how old are you? Can't you make breakfast for your self? I know I can.
Nagisa said still laying on the cozy fluffy comforter. this makes Nagisa more intimidating in Reo's eyes because of his experience with Kyoya.

Nagisa-chan are you saying Your more capable then Reo?
Honey said

Yes. At least I know how to cook
Nagisa said *yawn* *then falls back to sleep*

Are you sure he's not biologically yours?
Reo said making Kyoya a little bit more angry.

What are you trying to say huh?
Kyoya said

Nothing Nothing
Reo quickly said

*sigh* what do you guys want for breakfast?
Kyoya asked

Kyoya added

Ammm Just rolled omelet?
Honey said while looking at Mori to see if he agrees

I'm fine with that
Mori said

Ok then 4 rolled amulets coming right up
Kyoya said while walking to the kitchen.

Reo said a little to loud

Uncle Reo......... This is the second time..!!
Nagisa said. Finally getting up from the comforter and looking at Reo dead in the eye.

Hahahaaha...... SorryNagisa!!!!!
Reo said before running of to his room for protection.

Nagisa-chan is like Kyoya-ch kun when it comes to waking up huh....
Honey said. Mori just looked at him wanting to say something but didn't.

Nagisa's P.O.V

Honestly why is Uncle Reo so hyper its like he eat 6 packs of candy

Nagisa may I ask what blood type are you?
Uncle Mori suddenly asked. Huh? Why those he need to know

AB. Why?
I said. This is awkward you don't casually ask someone for their blood type now do you?

Ha.... I was right
Uncle Mori said under his breathe. Now I see why Kyoya said their weird people.

Mori can you wake up Nagisa for me !?
I heard Kyoya shouts from the kitchen.

Thank The GODS his already awake
Uncle Mori said. Why? What's so scary with waking me up?

We better go to kyoya-kun before he get annoyed
Uncle Honey said

which will take a lot of time because we're still breathing. Your Dad has a lot of patients
Uncle Mori said. Ha so you guys admit you're annoying.

I heard Kyoya say.

I'm awake!!
I said

Good then Breakfast is ready!
Kyoya said. Breakfast=food lets gooo

I'm surprised. That you do all the cooking and the amount of patients you have with Uncle Reo is legendary
I said. This is not what you'll expect of a multi billionaire

Well I worked a lot of jobs when I was in high school and college just to get by so...
Kyoya said. Huh? That doesn't add up with my research. It said that he's the third son of the Ootori family. Their company was moms second dream work place but she never got hired.
What happend to Kyoya? why does he want nothing to do with his Family? This man has a lot of secrets and I'm twitching to find out what it is.

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