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"Mr. Ootori mind if we start the tour?"
Mr. Karasuma said after glaring at Terasaka

"Oh my~ Yes certainly"
Yoshia said. While looking at Nagisa and his vibrating phone. And started walking

"Come along children. As you know this company was not made for in a day,year or a decade"
Yoshia said

"I'll admit my Father did the most hardest part"
Yoshia said. Oh! So he do know . . . Nagisa said considering he lost to his youngest son tells a lot

"The Ootori company mostly focused on the medical field any questions?"
Yoshia said

"Yes! The Ootori company was almost bankrupt a decade or so what can you say about that?"
Nagisa said. Yoshia looking at him with a surprise face

"Ah! Yes what I can say is do not belittle anyone. From all you know that person can be a wolf in sheep's clothing. If you want to survive in the business world then you most be wary of the people you're doing business with"
Yoshia said with an old mans tone. He really is an old man both Ritsu and Nagisa thought at the same time completely ignoring the fact Yoshia justed talked about Kyoya.

Ah yes as expected you are wise Mr. Ootori
Koro sensei said while preventing his nose from falling out

Not wise. I just learn from my mistakes though sometimes I want to creat a time travel machine just like you children to correct some mistakes
Yoshia said in a sad tone of voice and face full of regret. Is he regretting disowning Kyoya? Or is he regretting disowning kyoya because Kyoya pushed him down?  Huh! I wonder . . . Nagisa said

Oh? Sir what advice can you give us so we wont make the same mistake you're regretting?
Kayano asked

Cherish your family . . . know the line between family and work
Yoshia said in a sincere voice. Oh!? I really want to know what he's thinking . . .  Nagisa thought while putting his hands in his pocket vibrating pocket

Ritsu my phone won't take it if you keep doing this
Nagisa said in a low voice but Kayano and Yoshia heard it and looked at his pocket

*sigh* it appears the anger was passed down
Yoshia muttered under his breath

F!ck you!! Of course we'll be mad!!
Ritsu and Nagisa both thought

                                                                 (        $         )

Isogai . . . Eat something please . . .
Meahara said while patting Isogai's head thats resting on his lap

What will happen now? Meahara.  . . What should I do now?
Isogai said in a lost and fragile voice. Meaharas trousers wet with his tears

Everything will be alright Isogai
Meahara said while kissing Isogai's head

How do you know that!?
Isogai asked in a tone that breaks Meaharas heart

Call the man Isogai . . . Have a civil conversation with him
Meahara said in a soft tone

So you can get some closure
He added only to be answered by silence and the feeling of his trousers are getting more and more wet by tears

Darling . . . What ever happens I'm by your side . . .
Meahara said softly and started petting Isogai's head again. Waiting patiently for Isogai to make his decision.

What do you think he wants from me?
Isogai asked after being silent for an hour or so

I don't know . . . Theres only one way to find out right?
Meahara said in the same soft tone he always used to Isogai completely ignoring his numb legs. He's hurting more then me so suck it up Meahara he said to himself

He already gave me money remember so what does he want?
Isogai asked while getting up and looking at Meahara with a curious face and red eyes.

When youre ready then find that answer to that questions in your head
Meahara said while handing over the already cold soup

Okay . . . Wheres the card?
Isogai said while eating the soup

I'll go get it hissss
Meahara said after standing up and forgetting his numb leg

Oh! Sorry!
Isogai quickly said noticing its his fault Meahara is like that

Its okay! now the card
Meahara said limping to the cabinet

Use my phone
Meahara added while holding his phone and the card up

Ring!!!!! Ring!!!!!

Huh? Oh sorry my bad!
Tamaki said to his piano teacher while walking to the phone

Unknown number . . .
Tamaki mumble knowing that this could be that child

Hello, Tamaki Souh speaking
Tamaki answered the phone with an extra solf tone then usual.

Do you have some time?
Tamaki heard a weak voice from the other side

Yes, I do. Do you want to me to come there?
Tamaki said only to hear whispering on the other side. Its good he's not alone
Tamaki thought

Yes, if you don't mind
Isogai said

I'll be there in an hour
Tamaki said then the child hanged up on him.

Tamaki heard a noise that he forgot someone was there

Ahem! I guess you forgot about me Tamaki-kun
His piano teacher said in an irritated voice

Heh. . . sensei . . .
Tamaki said in a very wary voice and a face you'll only see on him when he makes Kyoya mad

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