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Nagisa's P.O.V

Ok..... So.... Its either my other uncles or my grand parents.

Wait I need clarifications on some thing
I said

Oh what is it?
Kyoya asked

By uncles do you mean your blood brothers or your other friends? Because I did a little bit of research on you while I'm on my breaks.
I said.

Oh? By your uncles I mean my friends. As for my brothers or any of my blood relatives.....lets just say they won't bother us. Now I know what you're thinking my Mother ......and Father needs a little respect after all they made me
Kyoya explained. Huh.... Even though he and his parents relationship aren't in good condition he still give them  respect.

Oh ok. But can you introduce me to the two uncles with us right now
I said. They haven't stop staring at me since I entered the car heck even when I was walking to the car I had a feeling their staring at me.

Oh yeah I forgot about that. The one who looked like a teenager is Mitsukuni Haninozuka the tall one is Takashi Morinozuka
Kyoya said.

Hello you can just call me Uncle honey
Mr. Haninozuka said. Whats his secret? How does he look like a high school student?

Hello Nagisa you can call me Uncle Mori
Mr. Morinozuka said. He seems chill like the cool uncle.

Hello my name is Nagisa Sh.... ah.... Oo... you know what lets skip the last name
I said.

Kyoya burst out laughing. Its not funny I'm actually confused about my last name. So I pout like child

You can just use your old last name or new last name I don't mind as long as you are comfortable
Kyoya said. That doesn't help. I hate people calling me Shioto sooo...

Is it ok for me to use your last name Kyoya? I'm not a big fan using my old one
I said. He looked surprised and tried to look at me but got stopped by

Keep your eyes on the road Kyoya-chan
Uncle Honey said.

Safety risks
Uncle Mori said.

My apologies
Kyoya said. He said keeping his eyes on the road.

Now Nagisa. I'm alright if you use my last name I'll actually be honored
Kyoya said.

I said. That was easy

But I'll still use my last name in front of my classmates. Their snoozy
I said. I want to give him a heads up.

Your classmates sound like my friends
Kyoya said

Hey that was uncalled for Kyoya-chan
Uncle Honey said.

Pufff Chan? Kyoya-chan? You called Kyoya chan hahahahah
I said bursting out in laughter finally realizing he called fully Grown Man Chan.

Well yes huh... I guess I can use san or..... maybe sama.....
Uncle Honey said

Honey N No you are not calling me Sama
Kyoya said

Kyoya-chan's rigth. uncle Honey
I said. Teasing Kyoya I looked at him and I feel like if he has a notebook he would be writing this moment to make sure he wont forget to take revenge. Good thing he does have a notebook and he's driving.

Pufff hahahahha I like Nagisa-chan for now on I'm your God father
Uncle Honey said. Wait.... Thats a little much

Now now Honey I already picked you and Mori to be his God parents. My other options were The two Idiots,the air head and Haruhi now I'm ok with Haruhi but if Haruhi's his God Mother that would put Tamaki in a position as God Father so... I can't pick her.
Kyoya said

I'm ok with Nagisa being my God son
Uncle Mori said

Timeskip the sun has already set

Are we there yet?
I said. We've been driving for so long....

We're close. I had to take the long way to lose the limo who's following us
Kyoya said. My butt hurts from seating too much and reselling with Karma at P.E really did a number to my butt. *sigh* I'm tired..... I'll just close my eyes for a little bit....... Zzzzzz

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