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Koro Sensei's P.O.V

Fufufufu I just saw tea I wonder what Nagisa will feel if Karma confesses to him ahhhh young love. I have a new ship!!!!!!  Lets help it seal shall we? Fufufuufufufufufu

Nagisa's P.O.V

It seems like the others have finally arrived geez their so late

*bringgg bringgg*

Huh? Who could this be?

/answers the phone/
$ is Nagisa
¥ is kyoya

§: Hello?

¥: Nagisa its me Kyoya

§: huh what the?! how did you get my phone number?

¥: your now Ex mom gave it to me

§: oh... That makes sense

¥: anyways I'm calling you to say that I'm picking you up. So don't get fooled if someone says they work for me and I ordered them to pick you up

§: yeah yeah I'm not a child ok. but how do they even know I'm your son? I mean come on you just adopted me like 2 hours ago!

¥: well lets just say word travel fast and me and your now grandfather aren't in good terms.

§ : Family drama?

¥: yup sorry

§: no its not entirely your fault

¥: ok thanks um I need to go now

§: ok then see you.... Wait do you even know what time I get out of school?

¥: Yup ok bye now

§: ok then bye again

End call

Now that was an awkward phone call
But I wonder why He's not in Good terms with His father?

What would have cause that?

Is it because of me? Or something else?

So many questions I want to asks

/writes on his notebook/

Note: Don't forget to ask him

What will my Future holds do I even need to kill Koro sensei now? I mean he's Super Rich and I'm going to inherit all his money......

Hey Nagisa?!
Miss Bitch said

Huh? Oh hi miss Bitch
I said

You seemed to be in deep thought there
She said

Yeah just wondering what I'll eat for lunch...... I forgot my lunch
I said lying

Oh well good thing I brought a lot to day
She said

What about Mr Kurasuma?
I said

He normally just eats a sandwich
She said

Tell me Miss Irina why are you still here teaching us?
I said looking away from her

Huh? Whats this about?
She asked

I mean isn't it obvious? I'm here just as you guys are to kill the octopus
She said while sitting down next to me

But what. *sigh* what if you have a chance to get the same amount of money and you won't get to kill Koro sensei?
I asked

Well then I won't be here. Why are you asking this question? Is there something wrong Nagisa?
She asked

I said but she keeps looking at me like she doesn't buy it. I need to lie

*sigh* I.... I just don't think I can kill Koro sensei
I said

Are you starting to give up?
Am I getting that old?
She asked

You guys said he has 1% chance to kill the earth
I said

Yeah so.....?
She said

Doesn't everyone have that?
I mean world leaders have 5% chance to kill the earth if one of them starts a world war then with the technology we have today.....
I said

Huh? I didn't think it like that
She said

Your probably going to defended and say "but he will actually do it"
I said

Its just us fearing the unknown. fearing the possibility
I added

I took a glance at her as saw that she looked ashamed of some sorts

Well thats enough of that existential crisis
I said while standing up

Nagisa! Wait!
She said while standing up too

Go to the faculty room as lunch to eat with me
She said

I just nodded and walked away

Irina's P.O.V

What Nagisa said was.... Something I didn't think of it as that before. I can't wait to tell Kurasuma about this.

*sigh* the octopus

You heard what he said?
I asked

He said

What do you have to say for it?
I asked

He said

He's telling me this now because he doesn't want YOU dead
I said

He just stayed quiet looking at the ground

I hope you can think about this more
I said and walked away leaving him.

A/N: hey guys I'm back sorry for the wait.
2020 is not my year first Taal then now the Coronavirus :'(

Oh and I know that the normal avarage human has like a 00.01% chance to do that. but come on we're doing it by just living. killing the earth I mean

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