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Nagisa's P.O.V

Two days!!!! Its just two days!!! And this happened what a year! First the moon then Koro sensei and then
This...... Hahahahhaa oh my gosh!!! Whats next a deadly virus? Or! Or..... Mt. Fugi erupting? Or a wild fire that will spread to almost everything!! Oh! or! People finally realizing the unfair treatment for the black people??

(A/N: black lives matter you son of a bitches)

or or the fact that the planet finally going to get revenge from us?? Oh or or! The sun turning off on us? I mean.......

*Honck honck*

Holy shit!!!! The hell that scared me to death!!!!

Kyoya!!! Seriously.......!!!
I screamed at the car in front of me

You looked like you we're planning to murder someone.....get in
He said nonchalantly. While I opened the car door

Seatbelt! I'm curious what were you thinking?
He asked

The fact that this year is so trailing
I said honestly

True..... By the way do you want to help Reo or No?
He asked. Isn't that a given????.......

Amm yes...... Wait your not planning to help him?!!
I said. Unbelievable.......

I agreed on getting him out of jail. But not getting him back from your teacher
He said. HOW CAN HE SAY THAT!!!!!! And its about Reo! the two live with each other.......

I said

What benefit will I get if I help him? He can save himself. trust me
He said. Cold blooded businessman
Finally showed himself to me.

How can you be sure?
I asked. How can he be so sure?! The world's military failed to even hurt one of his tentacles

Reo trained under your Uncles fathers directly. So he's strong not like your Uncle Honey strong but strong enough.
He said. Huh? Then weak then? I mean uncle Honey looks like he can get bullied by some high school tugs

By the way.........what subject do you want me to help you with?
He asked. He technically didn't fulfil his end in the bargain but hell I still need help on my spelling in English. I don't know why but I'm super weak at that category.........

I said. While looking at outside......... He'll probably regrets ever adopting an idiot like me......

I can help with that!!
He said. I looked back at him and....... He's not mad or ashamed!?!?! He doesn't seem like his judging me!!!!

Judging from your face you're probably wondering why I'm not upset...... First I get to spend time with you and Second I know the perfect child doesn't exist and Third I'm fully aware your human and I'm actually proud of you for admitting to it. Most people won't because of their pride
He said......... God? Thank you........ Just thank you......


Ritsu...where's Kayano?
Karma said while claiming the mountain

She is still at him house......
Ristu said

Well tell her to hurry up!!!
Karma said. Clearly annoyed

Yes right away Sir
Ritsu said then turning off Karma's phone

She better hurry up before I lose my patients with her......
Karma said under his breath

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