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And thus left Koro sensei there standing in silence wondering what will happen in the future. Will he die or not? Now Even HE isn't sure what the outcome will be "what will the future hold?" he said while looking at the distance. Then saw kayano still jogging "Oh my God!! I completely forgot about her. Im a bad teacher" He thought He immediately mock 20 it up and appeared In her side saying "I'm sorry!!!!" to Kayano  and told her to just go to the class room because her other classmates were so late that the whole 2 hours were just Mr Kurasuma scolding them.

Koyano's P.O.V

I never have imagined that I'll fight Karma for Nagisa. Is it even worth it?
No kayano If you really like Nagisa At the point were you're going to confess to him then why are you asking this question? Stay strong and fight for Nagisa fair and square I hope he's not a circle. I thought while walking to our classroom. Huh the others have it ruff well I guess they deserve it they were late after all.

"Oh Kayano! I didn't see you walk in" Nagisa said. He was seating at his desk while playing with his phone.

"You know you're not supposed to seat there right? That desk is old it can collapse at any moment" I said warning him

"Hehehehehe sorry sorry" He said while getting down from it

"So whats bothering you?" He suddenly asked out of no where

"Huh? What? How did you?" I said surprised

"Just felt it I guess" He said shrugging it off. Well Kayano this is your chance

"I.... Um.... I have a crush on someone!" I said finally saying it.

"Oh really who is it?" Nagisa excitedly asked

"You know I was worried for sometime that you won't find someone as your big brother I was starting to think you were asexual"



"What was that?" Nagisa asked looking underneath the window

"Oh Koro sensei what are you doing?" he suddenly said. Oh no that octopus really needs to die

"Ammm......... Fufufufufu I was just looking at the beautiful flower here" Koro sensei said. Yeah right even a 4 year old can tell you're lying

"Huh? But there's no flowers or even grass there?" Nagisa continued. Yes Nagisa make that Octopus feel embarrassed hahahahahha where's my Gun?

"Am um I know I..... Was checking if we could possibly plant some here" he said. Thats a good one I'll say that

"Huh? But Koro sensei as far as I know we don't have gardening as a topic" Nagisa said. Keep going Nagisa hahahaha Where is that Gosh damn Gun?!!

"Well um am am....... Got to go" Koro sensei said after quickly desapairing. I swear I'm going to kill that octopus sooner or later I just need some help........

Nagisa's P.O.V

What's up with Koro sensei? Hahahhahaha He just had to eavesdrop on us.

"Ahem now kayano" I said getting her attention

"Ye...yes Nagisa?" She said nervously

"Who's this Boy?" I said. It could be a girl who knows.

"Ammmm hehehehe" she said.
I have a feeling it's me. But I'm gay
So... Kayano sorry for the future heart ache I'm going to give you. IF you have a crush on me

"Heyyy Guys what are you doing?" karma said while walking. I looked at Kayano and I saw was a frighten girl.

"He hey Karma"she said. Ohhhhh does this crush of hers my bestfriend

"Hey Kayano Mr K. Told me to go here as I wasn't that late" He said.
Should I like get out of here and give them some alone time?

"Oh well I'm going to check on the others" I said. Give Kayano space to do the confession thing.

A/N: sorry This update is short And all over the place.School is stressing me out. Soo........ Sorry

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