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Ok Nagisa we're here. Remember don't talk to strangers....
Kyoya said acting like he's talking to a 4 year old.

Yeah yeah... Geazz I'm not a kid Anymore....
Nagisa said; while unbuckling his seatbelt.

Ok I have to go.... Byeeeee
Nagisa said while opening the car door then running of to the entrance.

You know what to do
Kyoya said after rolling down his window seat.

Yes master...
Reo said. Then walking to where Nagisa run of to.

Gosh I hope he doesn't mess this up..... I better leave the other car here so he can return without Nagisa even knowing...... That is if Nagisa and his friends doesn't discover him..... *looks at the overly in ninja mode but not really Reo*
......... Yeah.... His gonna mess this
up there's no way.
Kyoya said.

Reo suddenly snez. then thought Gosh damn it Kyoya how do you expect me to stay hidden if your causing me to sniz.

Bless you.... And you need to wear a mask when your sick so you won't infect the people around you
A kind man said

Thank you for your concern Sir. But it appears that someone is talking about me behind my back
Reo said. Of course hearing this the kind man imminently understood

Now I have to go..... Bye sir.
Reo said before bowing then leaving to catch up with Nagisa.....

Nagisa's P.O.V

I was looking around where Karma and the others are. I don't quiet remember if he said where in the message and frankly speaking I'm to lazy to check.

Oh Nagisa....!!!!
I heard Kayano's Voice ok where is she? Where where..... Ah there!

Kayano!!! Where are the others?
I asked while running to her

I don't know.... They were here a moment ago..... Then I turned my head for 1 minute then pufff gone
Kayano explained. I can relate to her the others are like children when something picked their interest. Theres no way to stop them from either getting it or solvingn it.


Koro sensei why are you doing this?!
Isogai said. While looking at Koro sensei who's as of this moment holding the pissed off Karma in between his tenticals

Fufufufu its only fair Karma my boy fufufufu
Koro sensei said to the struggling boy in his arms

Koro sensei..... I really don't get this.....
Isogai said.

Well our dear Kayano has a crush on Nagisa.... And Karma here is afraid if sweet innocent Nagisa were to have a love interest they'll just broke his heart fufufufu
Koro sensei explained

How did you even know about us going to the mall!?!?!
Karma said.

Koro sensei said

Wow.... So you use Ritsu to stalk us?
Maehara said

No offense sir but thats creepy
Isogai said....

How now lets watch Kayano and Nagisa shall we....
Koro sensei said while holding this students so he can mac 20 it up to watch over the two

Look at the two their so cut.....
Koro sensei said but he noticed a figure following Kayano and Nagisa.....

Koro sensei said. But he was to focused on the figure that he didn't noticed Karma running of to where Kayano and Nagisa are.

Karma said while running and waving towards them

Oh Karma there you are. Where are the others?
Nagisa said.

Their with Koro sensei.....
Karman said

Huh? You actually invited Koro sensei?!?!
Kayano said with a surprised face

No. He known it though Ritsu.
Karma said with a challenging face.
Seeing this Kayano immidently change her face to a challenging one. And the two were in a staring contest.

Nagisa said. Am I a thirdwheel? I better gave this two some privacy.....
He thought then started walking off to a cafe leaving the two behind.

Your kidding me..... Is he that dense?
Maehara said. Watching as the scene on folds in front of him

Yes. His just to innocent.....
Isogai said. While looking hopelessly at Nagisa

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