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Time passed Maehara and the others are at class now. Isogia is at the nurse's office getting tended by Koro sensei.

Ahg....Huh...where am I?
Isogia said

Ahhh.... wonderful you're up
Koro sensei said

Well afcourse old...... What the hell are you wearing??!!!
Isogia said. Finally noticing Koro sensei's outfit.

What?! You don't like it? I'll admit it's a little bit short but you don't have to be so harsh....
Koro sensei said. While looking at himself.

My eyes oh mom pls forgive me!!
Isogai said. Said while covering his eyes.

Oh come on Isogai....
Koro sensei said.

Oh my. I'm going to class
Isogai said; While trying to get up from the bed.

Oh no you're not mister! *push him down again*
Koro sensei said; knowing that Isogai is not ok enough to stand.

The bed can collapse underneath me!!
Isogai said; justify his actions.

Really...? Have you forgotten who I am?
Koro sensei said.

No no I haven't you're still the perverted freak in my memory
Isogai said.

Huh!??!! Oh Come on can we forget about that part!!!
Koro sensei said.

Nooo..... Especially now I mean.....
Isogai said; While checking Koro sensei out.

You basically tattooed the label on yourself. I mean.... Look at your self
Isogai said.

Ahhhhh....... My career is over!!!!
Koro sensei said

A few moments later......

Ahem ahem now Isogai have you been eating properly?
Koro sensei asked.

Isogai said. Koro sensei's not buying it.

...... Have you been sleeping properly?
Koro sensei asked.

Isogai said.

You sure?
Koro sensei said.

Yeah 100%
Isogai said

Ok then........

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              (the picture is not mine)

Can I go now?
Isogai asked

How's your mom?
Koro sensei asked.

Isogai hearing this Flinched and avoided eye contact.

Koro sensei said; noticing Isogai's reaction.

She's doing fine....
Isogai said.

Good to hear then....
Koro sensei said; deciding to not stay on the topic.

Ok now I'm going....
Isogai said while getting up from the bed.

Koro sensei said; But Isogai sprinted out of there.

Something's wrong.....
Koro sensei said.

Is it me or children these days are more and more secretive.... Or is it just my students...... Am I that bad of a teacher?
Koro sensei said

Hey! Octopus!
Mr Kurasuma said

Ahhhh!! Kurasuma you scared me!
Koro sensei said

What the hell are you wearing? No wonder Isogai was running to class
Mr. Kurasuma said

Ha? *mac 20 it up and changed* what are you saying?
Koro sensei said; pretending like nothing happend.

*glare* I know you're a pervert but I didn't know you're a paedophile.
Mr. Kurasuma said

Nooo you have it all wrong!!! Kurasuma hear me out!!!
Koro sensei said while Mr Kurasuma walks away

Karma's P.O.V

Nagisa came back with a frown in his face. I wonder who do I have to kill.. Hehehehehe.....

Karma! Are you even listening?
Ms Bitch

Yes Ms Bitch I am....
I said. Annoying I already know this crap.

Oh what ever
Ms Bitch said then returning to teaching the lesson

On what I noticed on your performance yesterday. Most of you are having a hard time Differentiating R and L. Now from my research thats a common mistake so bha....bha bha...bha
Ms Bitch is saying. Ahhhh why do I have to learn English anyways.....

For Example Nagisa can you read this sentence pls...
Ms Bitch said.

Oh... Ok.... I have long longed for a person like you. Who will always stay by my side
My Perfect angel Nagisa said. Oh how perfect he is...

Wonderful thank you Nagisa you may take your seat.
Ms Bitch said. Not only wonderful but Perfect my Nagisa is perfect and pure.


Huh? Oh its already break time huh.....

Oh.. Well I guess that's all for today class
Ms Bitch said

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