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Nagisa and Yoshio walk far from the rest of the class . 

Hey. . . don’t you think Mr. Ootori is focusing on Nagisa more than us?” 

Terasaka whispered to Karma, with a concern and Serious tone of voice.

Although I don’t usually agree with a gorilla, I have to agree with you on this one”
Karma said just loud enough for Mr. Karasuma to hear and slowly walk closer to them.

“Do you think he’s you know into nagisa?”
Nakamura asked in a chill tone.

“Do you realize that he was a wife and three adult sons right?!” 
Mr. Karasuma said with a clearly pissed look on his face.  

Eh! Mr. Karasuma . . . you shouldn’t do that be careful with my heart will you”
Nakamura said, while patting her chest.

And you call yourself an assassins
Mr. Karasuma muttered under his breath.

And you call yourself our teacher
Nakamura muttered back.

Now now Nakamura, show some respect
Koro-sensei said. 

You’re one to say that, octopus
Karma said to Koro-sensei.

Now now Karma is that how you call your beloved teacher?”
Koro-sensei said while petting Karma’s head, knowing full well it will make him upset.

“Yes, we love you so much we want to kill you”
Karma said, with a smile on his face making Nakamura, Terasaka, and Mr. Karasuma felt a shiver down their spine.

 “Mr. Ootori what are your objectives?”
  Nagisa asked Yoshio bluntly.

 “Ah, you got your fathers bluntness, I see”
Yoshio said, with a small smile on his face.

“You do realize he is not my real father right?”
Nagisa said, with the corner of his lips slightly down. 

“ I know, That boy won’t touch a woman even if his life depends on it”
Yoshio said, with a matter of fact tone of voice. Making Nagisa irritated 

 “And apparently that fact was enough for you to disown your on flesh and blood” 
Nagisa muttered under his breath, while his phone was buzzing twice.

“I see . . . He told you about that huh?”
Yoshio said with regret and sadness in his eyes. Nagisa doesn’t know why but seeing this makes him more pissed off.

“Oh no! He didn’t, the others said that he didn’t say a word on why he’s disowned. Actually he wanted me and Ritsu to treat you like our grandfather”
Nagisa said. Hearing this, Yoshio's eyes seem to light up.

“But we said calling you grandfather will be an insult to all grandfathers in the world” 
Ritsu shouted in Nagisa’s pocket.

 “I guess that would be the youngest?”
Yoshio said with a frown on his face.

“Ah! Yes hehehe Ritsu say sorry”
Nagisa said, while getting his phone out of his pocket.

“Hello, my name is Ritsu, unhappy to meet you. Sir”
Ritsu said, her face looks like her original version. Making Nagisa frown a bit. 

Ritsu . . . “
Nagisa said, with a threatening tone of voice.

Eh! You’re taking his side?!!”
Ritsu said, with a surprised pikachu face.

“As the children of Kyoya we also represent him and his parenting ability”
Nagisa reminded her.

“Plus, I’m sure oniichan wabi sabi won’t be happy to hear you acted like this”
Said with a small smile on his face.

“You don’t really need to do this”
Yoshio said to Nagisa.

“I’m not doing this because of who you are, I’m doing this because of what you are”
Nagisa said, in an irritated tone of voice.

“Huh? I don’t quite get it”
Yoshio said, with a confused look in his eyes.

You, sir are human and every human no matter what mistakes they did still deserves basic respect”
Nagisa said, with a matter of fact tone of voice.

“Fineeeee, Sorry for what I said Mr. Ootori”
Ritsu said with a half hatred look and tone of voice.

They are your children Kyoya”
Yohio thought, while looking at Nagisa talking to Ritsu on his phone.

Meanwhile . . . 

Tamaki and Isogai sitting in front of each other , with Meahara beside Isogai and Haruhi besideTamaki. Tamaki not  knowing where to start and what to say and Isogai holding Meahara’s hand under the table with eyes red from crying.

"Le- let me introduce ourselves, I am Tamaki Souh and this is my wife Haruhi" 
Tamaki said, after what felt like hours of just waiting for the other to talk.

"I- I already know your name . . . "
Isogai shuttered out while gripping Meahara’s hand tighter.

"I- I just want to know . . . what you wanted to say . . ."
Isogai said.

"I- I justed wanted to- to say I’m sorry for what my grandmother did to you and your mother."
Tamaki said, while Haruhi holds his hand.

"What more can you do . . . she’s already brain dead. She’s already gone."
Isogai said, with tears threatening to fall from its eyes. Tamaki felt even more guilty after seeing this.

"I- am- I-"
Tamaki shuttered trying to find the right words to comfort Isogai.

"I - understand that feeling . . . I lost my mom when I was young too."
Haruhi said.

"Fortunately I still had my father with me"
She added.

"Well I’m not as lucky now I’m alone "
Isogai muttered under his breath, it was loud enough for Haruhi and Tamaki to hear. Meahara laid his head on Isogai's shoulder and whispered “I’m still with you Isogai . . . “  then removed his head.

Hearing this Isogai tightened his grip, and Maehara whimpered at the lightness. After hearing Meahara Isogaoi justed decided to get this done already for God's he's training to kill his teacher. Yes he's angry at them for taking my mother away from him. But he also knows that they're not the actual reason that she’s gone, if he hadn’t stayed at Kunugigaoka . . .  if he justed let it go and fought with her for it, then she wouldn't be running around and overworking herself. If she didn’t have the pressure of his chool tuition fees on her mind all the time . . . will she be by his side right now?

“Look, I understand that you feel guilty for what your grandmother did, but what's done is done so what do you really want?”
Isogai said seemingly a completely different person from what Tamaki and Haruhi have seen him.

Seeing this Maehara lay his head on Isogais shoulders and thought.

he ‘s showing his assassin side . . .

Isogai . . . I know what you’re thinking. It's not your fault. None of this is your fault.

Seeing this now I realized . . . everyone at this table is suffering one way or another, and it's all because of one old woman.

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