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Pen Your Pride


They Call Me Trouble by Talanip
They Call Me Troubleby Permicy
Ranked 475 on Teen Fiction 08/05/2018 "When the good girl finally breaks" Skyler was always abused in school called names and looked down at it was until her...
  • gangleader
  • love
  • romance
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{Heartless} by Maureen_78
{Heartless}by _Maureen_
(Y/n) (l/n) had a rough childhood she grew heartless towards Everyone.when she gets into E-Class she meets this red head who will change her life for the better.(Karma x...
  • karmaakabane
  • karmaxreader
  • classroom
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Asano Daughter?  Karma x reader by Creepy_Xnime
Asano Daughter? Karma x readerby Arimoshikuta
(Y/n) is the older twin of the Asanos, she's smarter, more adventurous and skilled in combat!. Her father and brother may not know, but (y/n) is a trained and highly ski...
  • wattys2018
  • korosensei
  • readerxcharacter
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Karma X Reader [ Every Little Thing ]  by XKarmaLeLazyAssX
Karma X Reader [ Every Little Author-Kun
You were obviously a weird violent highschool girl, not so average though. That's why you and yourself only caught his attention and interest. Don't be surprised, you...
  • random
  • wattys2018
  • fanfiction
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The Hidden Secret || Assassination Classroom (KarmaXOC) by ChienoHime
The Hidden Secret || Akamine Chieko
Shirahashi Miyako, a new transfer student that got into Class A and really a magnet of trouble. When she defended a class E student, what'd she got? Transfer to Class E...
  • anime
  • 3e
  • assassin
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His Sister [ON-GOING] by Karmaella_25
His Sister [ON-GOING]by Mari-chan 💓
After defending the E-class the one and only Goshuke Ginka Asano got dropped there. She didn't mind though since all of them were friendly and nice. She got along with t...
  • twin
  • brother
  • ginka
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why do you hate me? 'karma x reader' by Authorchan_
why do you hate me? 'karma x ahegao saved my life
For some reason, Karma didn't like (Y/n) ever since childhood. He always bullied her, even if he looked like he kept his cool, he was just rude with (Y/n). After gettin...
  • assasinationclassroom
  • akabane
  • karma
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I Can't Kill Him [Akabane Karma] by ChxinedAlice
I Can't Kill Him [Akabane Karma]by ️A L I C E
Muramoto Chiharu is a professional assassin that specializes in all types of guns. Her target is a yellow tentacled monster named Koro-sensei, but someone just keeps dis...
  • love
  • twin
  • fanfiction
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Twins 【A Gakushuu and Karma FanFic】 by xXBittersweetanimeXx
Twins 【A Gakushuu and Karma FanFic】by Karma's hoe
Let's just say, what if Karma and Gakushuu were twins? You wouldn't be surprised right? They almost exactly the same, expect for eyes and hair. I only own the plot. I do...
  • assassinationclassroom
  • karmaakabane
  • gakushuuasano
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Can I Fall Back on You? (Karma Akabane x Reader) by Shadowhuskies
Can I Fall Back on You? (Karma Somb Lazb Animb Trasb
*ALL CHARACTERS BESIDES YOU AND ANY OC'S BELONG TO YŪSEI MATSUI!* L/n Y/n was a learning assassin in class 3-E along with her classmates. In her second year she was plac...
  • nagisa
  • rionakamura
  • karma
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I Wanna See You Smile (Karmagisa) by xXDarkMikaXx_
I Wanna See You Smile (Karmagisa)by Mikaela Aguirre
Nagisa's the kind of boy who never smiles or even laughs. Or maybe, well he used to, but his once happy life has turned into pure hell when a certain incident happened t...
  • akabane
  • assassinationclassroom
  • nagisa
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Assassin Time (Assassination Classroom) by teafye
Assassin Time (Assassination ✏
What if Nagisa Shiota was a top-class assassin sent to Class 3-E to kill our beloved alien octopus? This is the story of an angsty assassin hiding his bloodlust under an...
  • assassin
  • ansatsukyoushitsu
  • anime
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The Serpent Inside (A Karmagisa Fanfiction) by --Starling--
The Serpent Inside (A Karmagisa Aiko Kiya
Nagisa Shiota is a girly boy who has an unnatural ability to scare people with a single look. The innocent act he's got has fooled everyone around him into thinking all...
  • nagisaxkarma
  • karma
  • shiota
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Karma x Nagisa  by XXgender_fluidXX
Karma x Nagisa by ɞåԀ ṭıṃє
What happens when karma and Nagisa are practicing moves at nagisas house and his mom goes to work Lemon Swearing Shipping And the first chapters not a lemon I know it s...
  • nagisa
  • boyxboy
  • karma
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Mine {Karma Akabane x Reader} by FairyTailMage2004
Mine {Karma Akabane x Reader}by Ronnie Biersack
'Horrible. That's what my life is. Horrible.' (Y/n) (L/n) is a 14-year-old girl that recently got moved down to the lowest class of her school, Kunugigaoka Junior High...
  • idkwhattotag
  • karmaxreader
  • karmaakabane
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my personal maid { Karma x Nagisa } by animeshipperr
my personal maid { Karma x Nagisa }by z
  • yaoi
  • boy
  • assassination
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School watches Assassination Classroom by TheSteinsGateFormula
School watches Assassination TheSteinsGateFormula
Ritsu travels twenty years into the past to try to undo the apocalypse, but due to an unforeseen error, the whole of the third year of Kunugigaoka Junior High School has...
  • nagisa
  • watching
  • eclass
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KaruNagi ! short stories ! by Titania1078
KaruNagi ! short stories !by Titania1078
Welcome to my book filled with KaruNagi oneshots from fluff and sweetness to the obsessed feelings one feels for the other. I try to make the story concepts as intersti...
  • classroom
  • assassination
  • bl
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The Worst (Karma x Reader) by NicoleToshiki
The Worst (Karma x Reader)by Nicole Toshiki
After Karma's trick to you, he is willing to take on your one week challenge. " So... how about this? You have no date now, so how about dating me for a week? I w...
  • school
  • karma
  • tease
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What if... 【scenarios, Ansatsu Kyoushitsu Edition】 by MochiRinn
What if... 【scenarios, Ansatsu 《 Rinniepooh 》
What if scenarios! What if your Ass class boyfriend(s) did something interesting~? Different reactions~? ohoh
  • karma
  • otaku
  • kawaii
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