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Kyoya's P.O.V

I really doubt those tree idiots can sit still knowing Honey and Mori will meet my son before they do heck their probably following us right now. I just  don't want Nagisa to be overwhelmed about the new turn of events in his life. Him having a new Dad and being an Heir to a world wide company is already enough for the boy.

So... Kyoya-chan what school does nagisa-chan go to?
Honey said.

Kunugigaoka junior high
I said.

Wow he's smart. And what high school is he planning on going?
Honey asked.

That I don't know. Its up to him to decide but I'de prefer Ouran
I said. Even if I'm his Dad I don't have the right to force him to go to the school I want him to go.

Oh that makes sense he'll be in Tamaki-chan and Haruhi-chan's care there.
Honey said. Still can't believe Haruhi said yes to the annoying air head

Yes. that makes sense
Mori said. Still not a talker

How about I teach him self defense?
Mori said

That would be great but its his decision whether he was to learn it or not
I said

Kyoya-chan why did you suddenly adopted a child?
Honey said

We'll I'm lonely and I'm pretty sure I won't get the chance to have a family with my blood so.... Yeah
I said. I just want to see a child grow up happy and strong

So you suddenly had that I want to be dad moments in your life
Mori said

But what about Renge-chan?
Honey said. Ahem ahem...

What about her?
I asked.

She had a crush on you since high school she even transferred school for you heck she even left her home country just to be with you. When will you acknowledge her feeling for you?
Honey asked. He's still a ships me and Renge till this day.

I don't know.... Maybe I'm too afraid to gave my heart to any one besides my child.
I said. My first priority now is Nagisa my son.

How about give it a try? Just date her its worth to try right?
Honey said.

I don't know.... Nagisa will be overwhelmed if He suddenly have a mom or I started dating. For gosh sakes I just adopted him this morning.
I said.

That's true
Mori said

But still.....
Honey said

Tell you what. When I'm sure Nagisa is comfortable with me and he wants me to have a love life then I'll date Renge
I said. That will take a long time.

Honey said

Now we're close to our destination
I said in front of Kunugigaoka Junior high.

Now where is he...?
I said while looking around

Look Mori-chan a weird looking teenager
Honey said. When I heard him say that my eyes fell on .....huh.... Nagisa wearing a Hat,sunglass and a jacket.

What does he think he's doing?
I asked myself out loud.

Huh? What do you mean Kyoya-chan?
Honey said. I didn't answer him I just got out of the car and stand beside it waiting for Nagisa to spot me. It didn't take long well at least one of us have good eyesight I'll gave him that. I got back in the car and he followed suit.

What are you wearing?
I asked.

I don't want any of my classmates to see me entering a high end car
He explained.

Oh ok then let me introduce
I was saying unlit Nagisa interapted me.

I saw a limo in the corner while walking here
I said. It maybe the others or worse it maybe Mr. Ootari or Mrs. Ootari

It could be your other uncles that you'll meet next time or it could be your Grandma or grandda
I explained while starting up the car.

Seatbelts. this is will be trouble some
I said

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