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Are they here yet???
Nagisa asked Kyoya while he's stretching

No they aren't here yet
Kyoya answered while placing a medical kit and 4 reusable water bottles

Oh this is the perfect time to test out the new medical robot
Kyoya added

Medical robot?? Surely uncle Mori will go easy on me.....
Nagisa said

True, they'll go easy on YOU their God-son but not on Reo
Kyoya said while returning back and walking back to the house.

Wait...... Why would uncle Reo participate anyways?
Nagisa asked but Kyoya was already inside the house at the time.

Wabi-sabi! Wake up Reo tell him "He has at least 15 minutes to get ready"
Kyoya said as he talks to the stairs

Yes Master.....
Wabi-sabi said its still morning he's still in a dangerous time........but

Ritsu....... Do you want to dump a bucket full of water at Reo?
Kyoya doesn't care on how he'll wake  Reo up might as well have fun......

Ritsu asked

Stupid there's literally a housekeeper robot in the house!!! *sigh* I really don't know if the Idiot crazy perverted experiment upgraded you or made you dumber
Wabi-sabi said

Hey!!! Give me some credit!!!
Ritsu said feeling wronged

*sigh* anyways do you want to do it?
Wabi-sabi said

Of course....... Who would want to miss this kind of opportunity
Ritsu said

Lets go then.......
Wabi-sabi said as he took control of the housekeeper robot and took it to the laundry room to get a bucket then started filling it with water.

Oh this is gonna be fun.....
Ritsu said as she prepare to take a video for future reference.........(I call bulcrap)

Its ready! Oh this is gonna be fun!!
Wabi-sabi said as he controlled the robot to get inside Reo's room slowly getting close to the bed........... Reo opened his eyes feeling something bad is going to happen....... Then in less then a second.......... *SPLASH* was heard on the room, water dripping from the bed into the floor, a wet looking Reo sitting on his bed silent not even moving........

Wabi-sabi......... Ritsu....... We need to talk for a bit.......
Reo said with a dangerously low voice and having a murderer's aura around him, making Ritsu more scared while Wabi-sabi is completely unaffected "bitch try watching Kyoya wake up every morning"

                               (   ¥   )

Drive faster Mori!!! Faster!!faster!!
Honey said sitting in the gun shot sit

Honey please just sit there and wait
Mori said as he parked the car in the driveway

Yes! Open the door!!!
Honey said as he unbuckled his seatbelt waiting for the door to unlock

Someone's so excited
Mori said as he pushed the unlock button

Of course we're teaching my God-son here Mori
Honey said as he opened the door and claimed out of the car

I'm guessing we'll have Reo as our dummy huh
Mori said as he took the key out and claimed out of the car

Yeah! when was the last time we fought each other?
Honey asked while reminiscing of the old times

We were still in high school back then......
Mori said

Yeah! He had to go to the hospital back then! I wonder if he made some progress when he was......
Honey said

We'll find out....
Mori said while walking to the front door

Wabi-sabi! Kyoya open up!!!
Honey said while pushing the doorbell again and again

Yeah yeah wait....
Reo said while unlocking the door

Why are you all wet? Oh shoot Kyoya's going to kill you
Honey said looking at Reo

Don't ask now I'll go and change you guys go to the backyard where Nagisa is waiting
Reo said with a smile before heading back to his room leaving Honey and Mori

$50 bucks it's because of Wabi-sabi
Mori said while looking at the housekeeper robot wiping the floor because of him

You've already won! Now lets get going shall we!!
Honey said while he runs to the backyard

Nagisa we're here!!! Did you stretched already?
Honey said

Yeah I did Teach me now I want to learn!!!!
Nagisa said

Wait for Reo.....
Mori said while walking up to them

Why though?
Nagisa asked

Cuz he'll be are dummy silly!!!
Honey said

Nagisa said

You guys are a little bit late don't you think
Kyoya said while walking to them holding a box something in his arms

Hehehehee I slept in heheheehe well whats that you're holding there Kyoya
Honey said while scratching the back of his head

In all honesty We did something like noon
Mori said

Mori....... Where in Japan I'm not letting you train my son at noon what if he has a heatstroke
Kyoya said as he puts down he box

What even is that?
Nagisa asked looking at the box

You'll find out soon
Kyoya said while patting Nagisa's head

I'm here lets get this over with
Reo said while jogging to them

Not even a single second had pass and he's already on the ground

*Ting ting*
The box light up out of nowhere, but no one seems to noticed as everyone is focused on Reo and Mori fighting

Hello I am Bemax your personal health care companion I was allert your in need for medical assistance when you said ow
The robot aka Bemax said informing everyone that he's here

Huh it works
Kyoya said

What is that?
Nagisa asked while looking at Bemax while Reo is being beaten dead by Mori in the background

A robotic nurse
Kyoya said while turning back to see Reo still trying to fight of Mori

I thought he's going to need that
He said while looking at Reo

Thats for sure....
Honey said

(A/N: Hello my lovely people!!! Hahaaha bet you were surprised with the appearance of Bemax hahahah I regret nothing. Although I'm a little late my Wi-Fi gave up on me yesterday so here I am, anyways who evers the first voter-follower will get to tell me when to update)

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