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Nagisa's P.O.V

Ok Nagi you can do this! just do it!!!!
You're an Assassin Nagi!! You're being trained to kill your teacher!(even though I'm sure 100% sure he doesn't need to die for earth to be safe) If you can't even call your..... Guardian then...... Mr. Kurasuma will be disappointed


Kyoya seating alone in his home office busy looking at business proposals reaching out for his cup of coffee then suddenly drops it. He looked at it for a moment........

Wabi-Sabi can you ask your sister to update whats happening with Nagisa I have a bad feeling Reo failed his Job!
Kyoya  said out of nowhere

Yes Master give me 5 minutes
A voice coming from the computer answered. Hearing that Kyoya sighed and stand up

Thank God I didn't have a carpet here that would be hell to clean
He said while looking at the broken cup

Reo...... What did you do this time.......?
Kyoya said while walking to the cleaning supplies

Master!? I asked Ritsu and...... She said he's been kidnapped by her teacher?
Wabi-sabi said from kyoya's phone

Oh its not that bad
Kyoya said


Must be Nagisa..... Wabi-sabi answers it for me I have my hand full at the moment
Kyoya said as he walked back to his office with the cleaning supplies

Hello...... Kyoya....... Soo....... Uncle Reo is chilling...........in the sky! With my teacher
Nagisa said sounding nervous. Making Kyoya chuckle for him its harmless but what he doesn't know is that his son Nagisa is freaking out in his side of the phone. He's mad af!!!!
Nagisa thought as he heard him chuckle.

I already know
Kyoya said while squating down to clean the mess he made.

What?!?! What do you mean?!?!
Nagisa said clearly surprised

Yeah you have a classmate you named Ritsu? Yeah? she was the brain child of your two uncles and yours truly
He said while standing up

What!!?!?! Wait? Uncle Reo is smart?!?!
Nagisa said in disbelief. The man he saw today................ Doesn't look smart.........

No not Reo! Honey and Mori!! God!
Kyoya said while dumping the droken cup shards in the trash

Oh? Well can you pick me up? Oh and do you know two of my friends are planning on tracking him down and kill him?
Nagisa said

No? I'm not worried Honey and Mori both personally trained Reo so........ I'm sure he can handle him self
Kyoya said while getting his car keys

Really? I'm not so sure....... With Karma....... Not to mention Kayano.......
Nagisa said while Kyoya his picking up his phone

Yes I'm sure don't underestimate Reo especially your Uncle Honey God no
Kyoya said while leaving his office and going down stairs to the Garage

Nagisa said

You know you should ask your Uncle Honey how to act. In one glance Honey is an adorable and sweet person but hidden in that sweet persona is a deadly fighter
Kyoya said while opening his car door

A second blade........... You know I'll ask him tomorrow when we train
Nagisa said

Yeah ok. When I pick you up what do you want to do?
Kyoya asked while waiting for the garage door to open

Sit in front of the T.V and chill.......... Its only been two day since you adopted me and look whats happening
Nagisa said

Pufff hahahahahaha we'll figure it out. now I have to go
Kyoya said while driving his car out of the garage then pressing a button to close the door

Ok be safe I'm waiting at entrance B
Nagisa said then ending the call

Its only been two days....... And all this happened......... God Reo is terrible with children
Kyoya said then driving off



Getting a little cold there?
Koro sensei asked

Shut up!!!!
Reo said

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