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At last Kayano blink leaving Karma the winner.

Ha!?!? Looks like I won!!!
Karma said with a smirk in his face

This time at least but next time....
Kayano said

Oh yeah? What are you gonna do? Huh?
Karma said mockingly

Well.... Im.. Going to!....to? Wait wheres Nagisa?!?
Kayano said finally noticing her senpai is gone.

Wait.... Where is Nagisa.....???? NAGISA!!!!NAGISA!!!!
Karma said quickly shouting for Nagisa.


What the hell are they doing.....
Isogia said while looking at the shouting Karma and asking Kayano.

They look like they just lost their child....
Maehara said.....

Children this is an example of what NOT do do when one of your classmates are missing.....
Koro sensei said

I mean they're doing it kinda right but... They skipped over the look around you step....
Koro sensei added. He looked around and saw that figure thats been following the three are now seating behind where Nagisa is seating in cafe.

Nagisa's P.O.V

Those two will be a cute couple.....

Do have a crush on one of them....
Someone suddenly asked. Wait...... I know that voice

Uncle REO!!!!!
I shouted while turning to face him

Hahaha I wasn't supposed to get cut but curiosity got the best of me
He said. He followed me..... He doesn't trust me to handle myself.....

I'm not a weak child that you need to protect.... 
I said. While getting up from my seat and then running of. I can hear him shouting for me to let him explain. Is Kyoya apart of this?! I took out my Phone and called Kyoya
              (¥=Kyoya μ= Nagisa)

¥= Nagisa whats the matter?

μ= did you order Uncle Reo to follow me?!?

¥= ah I knew he would get cut

μ= So thats a yes! Look I know your just looking out for my safety and all but this......

¥= Nagisa. I hope you'll understand that I'm not in good terms with my family.

μ= yes I know that

¥= Nagisa your now my son. My only child the only heir to my empire. My family is money hungry they are willing to do anything for money

μ= but still what if my classmates noticed Uncle Reo huh? What will we do then

¥= simple Reo will say he's a pedophile

μ= that will lead him to jail.....

¥= oh pls once he gets out he'll still have a job as my Driver / assistant

μ= Kyoyaaa....... Has anyone ever say your harsh and cruel?

¥= got a nickname shadow king when I was still in high school. I still don't know what that was all about

μ= huh.......

Nagisa wait!!!!!
Reo said while running to Nagisa

μ= he's here..... Oh shit! The others

¥= watch your choice of words Nagisa and second just act like you don't know him and his a creep

μ= you know your cruel right

¥= I'm simply telling you the easiest solution

μ= I can already Imagine you pushing your glasses back when saying that

¥= ha!

Nagisa looked around and saw Koro sensei

μ= You can get uncle Reo out of jail right?

¥= depends but.... Mostly.....

μ= promises me you'll get him out...

¥= alright then. But in return allow me to help you with your school work

μ= I don't want to leave the E-class you know that already

¥= I know but I still want to teach you I read a artical about it apparently its some type of bonding time

μ= fine fine fine I have to go uncle Reo is super close

Duut duut duut

Nagisa acted terrified at Reo and started backing up

Don't come near me!
Nagisa said. Reo of course got surprised at Nagisa's sudden change of character

Nagisa!!!! There you are!!!!
Karma said just in time to see the "terrified" look on Nagisa's face.

Who the hell are you!!!!??! Why is Nagisa so afraid!?
Karma said while walking up to Reo with that deadly glare of his. 'Well atleast he won't end up in jail he'll just have some broken bones here and there' Nagisa thought.

Reo while seeing Karma walking up to him backed away and was prepared to run but was stop by............ ........... ............ Kayano who heard the commotion from far away.

Just because where little doesn't mean we're a easy target
Kayano said while looking and Reo dead in the eyes

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