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Nagisa's P.O.V

Its been a while since I've slept peacefully without any fear.
Mom's out of town doing her business. I have the whole 1 day to myself. *sigh* I better sleep now as I still have class tomorrow. I said while shutting my eyes


"Heres all of nagisas info and the adoption papers are also in there"
Nagisas mom said while talking to someone

"What about the childs medical records?" the person asked

"Look do you want it or not?"
Nagisas mom said

"I'll take him how much?"
The person said

"1 million"
Nagisas mom said smiling while watching the person write on a pay check

"Here now where is he?" the person asked

"At my place now if you want we can go there now it will take us the whole nignt to get there though"
She said

"I hope you have your car because I'm not staying at the same car as you lady" the person said

"Hahaha thats understandable Mr.Ootari"She said

%time skip to early in the morning%

Nagisa's P.O.V

*holy shit holy shit holy shitttt*

Holy Shit the hell? *sigh and pressed off in the alarm clock* I guess putting 'Fight for me' as my alarm clock was a bad idea huh....
Whelp never mind I need to get up and start getting ready for school.

I changed my clothes and start walking to the kitchen huh... What should I cook?

But I was inturapted by the sound of the door being opend Moms back its 4 in the morning god damn it.

"He should be asleep so be quite" mom whispered who is she whispering to?

"Mom? Who's with you" I said

"Oh nagisa why are you awake at this hour?" she asked. I noticed the man behind her

"Who is that man behind you?" I said

"Pack your stuff you're staying with me for now on" the man said....

"This is defiantly a dream maybe if I sleep again I'll get pulled of this weird dream" I said while walking to my room until the man throws a piece of paper at me

"Read it that will explain everything" the man said I read it and to my surprise its an adoption papers yup totally a dream

"Yup totally a dream"

"No its not Nagisa Mr.Ootari here is your new dad" mom said

"Then wheres the rested of the adoption papers this should at least be like 20 or 30 something pages" I said

"Their all in my car now either you pack your stuff or you don't pack at all is fine for me" he said

"Its too early in the morning for this" I said while going to my room and packing my assassin stuff at a bag then getting out of my room and meeting up with the man

"I'm ready" I said

"That was fast are you sure thats the only thing you want to bring with you? Because you're not going back here" the man said

"Positive" I said

"Ok then lets go" he said while opening the front door

"You're surprisingly taking this well" he said while at the elevator

"Well no point on crying or something I'll just accept it. So what do you want to do with me?"
I asked I've been itching on asking that question since the moment I read those adoption papers

"Simple I want you to be my son" he said

"Your son? Then why don't you I don't know get married and have a child of your own with your blood" I said

"Well ... Lets say I don't have interest in marriage and prefer to just work for myself but as time past by it got lonely" He said

"Oh my gosh ok now formal introductions pls" he probably already know everything about me

"Well my name is Kyoya Ootari
I'm the C.E.O of my own company
I have no Love life and probably never going to get one and thats thats" he said huh so this man is rich

"What does your company do?" I said

" a lot of things but we mostly stick to the medical field" he said while we get out of the elevator

"And everything will be yours one day" he added

"Wah?" What I dont get it

"now that you are my only son and will always will be you'll get to inherit my Company and Money when I pass away" he said while opening his car I found a pass out man in the back seat

"You'll never know what the future holds Mr. Ootari" I said while getting in the car

"By the way is that man ok?" I asked

"Yes hes just passed out driving all night while I sleep" He said

"And call me Dad if you're uncomfortable Kyoya" he said Ok then kyoya it is

"I heard your in class 3-E at your school" he said

"Well yes and I don't want to be anywhere else I'm happy with it" I said

"Well ok then its your life not mine my role here is to support you and guide you" he said

"Can you drop me of to school and pick me up after school" I said at this rate I'll be late

"Are you kidding me its only like 4:55 am in the morning" he said

"Try to climb a mountain every day it'll take 2 hours for it" I said which is a lie. I can climb that mountain for 30 minutes or less but because we have special training that requires us to be there at 5:30

"Must be hard" he said

"I've grown to it so no big deal" I said

"Ok then to your school then" he said

After that aside of the snoring of the sleeping man in the back seat the car was filled with silence.

Until he pulled over to the front of "my" school

"Here we are" he said

"Ok bye" I said

"Wait what about your lunch?" he asked me

"Cantian Bye Kyoya" I said while running away

"Ok have a nice day" he said

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