I got tagged

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1. I'm 13

2. Kaite fox is not my real name

3. I have a lot of stories I want to write in my life time

4. I have a 7 pet dogs but I also had 1 cat (he died from old age)

5. I'm the last of three siblings

6. I play the Kalimba

7. I spend to much time reading fanfics

8. Right now I'm making the plot for the Yuri on ice fanfic you guys voted for

9. I'm a natural born procrastinator
(Thats why you guys have the power to tell me when I should update if not then..... This story won't even make it to chapters 10)

10. I'm scared on the fact that one day I might regret not doing something when I'm still young and kicking

I already said this last chapter as that the only thing I remember but.....

Haruhi and Tamaki will adopt someone. (you guys can already guess who is it)

Ok I challenge:

(Thank you for giving me reason to keep updating without you I won't make it this far and meet all this kind people I call my readers )

(We all start some where and I'm so happy and proud to see you publish something)

(Hands down want to publish as much as you do Its now in my bucket list)

(Your story "My Dad" is just so interesting I want to see what would happen next)

(I'm also a big fan of the try guys I hope to see more because everything is just so wholesome)

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