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Mr. Ootori may I ask? what happened exactly?
The Dean asked as he look at Reo though the glass, who now looks like a mummy

He fell down the stairs to the second all the way to the ground floor, Then when the others found him they all panicked and tried to take him to the hospital them selves and as you can see that didn't end well....... *sigh* I left them for just a second.......
Kyoya said with a disappointed and tired face,

He's great at lying....
Nagisa muttered under his breathe

Well he'll have to stay here for a while......
The Dean said while looking back at Kyoya

Of course I already signed his unpaid leave
Kyoya said with a straight face

Of course, I have to leave now then Good day
The Dean said looking uneasy

Are you really not going to pay him Kyoya? I mean it is our fualt he's like this
Nagisa said while looking at the Dean who's now running away

I think paying for his hospital bills and not firing him is quite enough of a compensation for me
Kyoya said with a straight face

Ha...... Thats..... Well..... Never mind I'll go in and wait for him to wake up
Nagisa said before opening the door and entering the room

By the way Kyoya....... What room number does the person Tamaki's grandma accidentally run over
Honey said while looking at Nagisa who's now seated near Reo's bed

The victim is on the second floor, room 689
I swear I want that old lady to die already!!
Kyoya said while tightening his grip on his note book

Can't be helped it already happened...... I think what bothers me the most is the fact that she didn't even bat an eye to it.
Honey said

She's still going to her life as if nothing happened even forcing Tamaki to play the piano for her birthday........
Mori said while remembering what they talked about in the cafe

                        {   Flashback   }

I see...... Did the family members get informed.....
Tamaki said looking said and guilty

Yes they have......... I think money won't cut this one Tamaki...... The only living relative is her son who's still in junior high school......
Kyoya said looking serious

The victim is brain dead the only living member is the son who's a child......yet she still wants to celebrate her birthday grand and forcing me to play the piano........*sigh*
Tamaki said looking tired

Seriously Tamaki why do you put up with her!! I mean.... She's already nearing her death anyways
Hikaru said

I agree she's done nothing but give you a hard time! First she separated you and your mother then tried setting you up in an arrange marriage which she learned nothing about her experience with your father!!! Then she refused to acknowledge You and Haruhi to the point she didn't even showed up to your wedding!! Leading to gossip!!
Karu added with a super annoyed face

She's heartless
Mori said

I know she is.... But that doesn't change the fact that she's my grandmother..... She's already nearing to her death..... I'll just have to wait then.....
Tamaki with a sad face

*sigh* say all you want but that doesn't solved the problem on what to do to compensate the poor boy
Kyoya butted in

*sigh* me and Haruhi are planning to adopt

Do you really think the child would want a relative to the person who killed his mother to adopt him?
Kyoya said not even letting Tamaki to finished speaking

Tamaki...... This is not some stupid noval, Your grandmother took someone's life and ruined another's and No this is not something money can solve like the others
Kyoya scolded Tamaki

I know I know!! I'm just so tired I can't think right
Tamaki said with a sad slime

*sigh* Tamaki........ Face reality and have a long talk to the boy, don't send a Secretary or a butler or even the chauffeur, introduces your self and seat down with the boy
Kyoya said his eyes seemingly soften. Honey and Mori seeing this looked at each other with an all knowing look

Ok then I will!!! But now about the playing the piano........
Tamaki said

How about you ask our old music teacher..... I heard he still teaches at an orphanage
Honey said while looking at Kyoya who's texting someone.

And what have him drown me in anti-rust no thank you I don't want to die that way
Tamaki said

How about wait for Haruhi to come home
Hikaru said

she's coming home to night right?
Karu added while drinking his ice tea

Yeah....... I think we should go out to eat as a welcome home.....
Tamaki said

Right? Kyoya....!
Tamaki said while looking at Kyoya who had a smile on his eyes, he only smile or smirk is something happened or he's planning something

Sorry Tamaki actually Me,Mori and Kyoya-chan have other plans
Honey said

What!??? Kyoya tell me thats not true!! Kyoya....
Tamaki said with a shocked face

Kyoya! Kyoya!!

                    { flashback ended }

How did she even managed to run over the victim is just beyond me
Kyoya said

To think she screamed at the chauffeur because she was now five minutes late because of traffic,then demanding the poor guy to drive faster leading to him having his focused on her and not on the road
Kyoya said

The guy was just worried of the old ladys blood pressure.......... Tamaki said he resigned and is now asking him to take him with him, he withdrew all his savings too......
Honey said with a sad face........

He won't take it well if he finds out the victims brain dead......
Mori said

We have a busy month ahead of us......
Kyoya said while focusing on Nagisa

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