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Nagisa's P.O.V

As I was walking I stopped and Looked back making sure he's gone and not following me. *sigh* what has my life become. First the Government task us to kill our teacher who's a weird Octopus who plans to kill earth
On March. Then this whole thing Oh my god I need a vacation.
I was so bussy on thinking about this whole thing that I didn't noticed that I was already on top of the mountain.

"Oh hey Nagisa Good morning" kayano said

"Good morning Kayano. Where's everyone else?" I said asked

"Apparently they're all still at home sleeping" She said whelp We know who'll get a scolding later

"It's nice to know I still have assassin who I can count on" Mr Kurasuma said

"Good morning Mr Kurasuma" I said

"Good morning too Nagisa" he said

"Oh my world why do we have to be at school this early in the morning" Miss Bitch sensei said

"Good moring Miss Bitch" I said

"Good moring too Nagisa. So where's the other's?" she asked

"Still in their beds sleeping" I said

"Fufufufu not for long" Koro sensei suddenly appeared and say

"Good moring *bang bang* Koro Sensei" Ayano said while shooting him

"Fufufufufu Good morning too Kayano" he said when Ayano finally was out of BBs

"Can everyone shut the fuck up its so early in the moring for this crap!!!!" Miss Bitch screamed at us

"You know she's right" Koro sensei said while giving Ayano a sound moderator and patting her head

"Ok I didn't wake up this early to do nothing" I said. A little bit irritated I did not wake up this ealry for nothing I already had enough for today and its not even 7 am oh my glob..... Where the hell are they? You know what I can practice without them and I have kayano with me

"Kayano lets warm up" I said

"Oh ok then" she said and run to me

We did some stretching I don't want to have a cramp in the middle of an assasination.

"Wait you kids actually doing this its so early" Miss Bitch said

"Now thats a true assassins doesn't care about how early it is. to them every minute is important" Mr. K said

"Hey are you saying I'm not a good assassin for your information Kurasuma my apartment is so far away from here and I don't have a car means I need to take public transport but oh wait hahaha its so god damn ealry in the morning that public transport isn't open yet means I walk here" Miss Bitch sensei said

"Then move in to my place" Mr K. Said Omg This is tea

"Huh? Wait what?" Miss Bitch said

"Mr Kurasuma and Miss Irina can you pls not do this in front of the children" Koro sensei said he's probably jealous as he him self doesn't have a Love life.

"You're just jealous because you're still single Koro Sensei" Kayano said

"No I'm nott....!!!!! Now 10 laps around the school" Koro sensei said

"Okkk Nagisa" Kayano said hinting to me to join her I'm just going to do 5 as 10 is a punishment Koro sensei will most likely Stop Kayano on her 6th laps.

Koro Sensei's P.O.V

Fufufufu Irina and Kurasuma are a thing now what Ship should I make now? Fufufufufu Those two children are cute together how about that fufufufufufu

*bam bam* ah it appears I have another student joining us this early in the morning

"Hey teach where's nagisa? Is he still not here yet?" karma asked.
Fufufufu karma and nagisa ey? Thats a deadly combination I like it fufufufufu

"Ah Karma yes Nagisa is here he and kayano are doing their laps around the school" I said I noticed his hand grip harder on his strawberry Milk when I mention Kayano ohh what do I see here jealously? Fufufuufufu This will be Fun

Karmas P.O.V

What the hell does this octopus thinking to make such a disgusting face the hell?

"Well I'm going to do my laps now" i said. forget stretching I need to catch up to Nagisa before Kayano do something romantic with him or worse confesse to him. Nagisa is Mine well soon to be mine I will kill any one who dares take him away from me

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