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“Isogai? You okay?”
Meahara asked, while he hugs him from behind.

“Hm? Yeah . . . I’m okay . . .”
Isogai said, while staring off in the distance.

“Are you sure? Because I think not”
Meahara said, while letting go of Isogai and making him face him.

“Look, I know you have a lot of this to think about but I think you should at least take it easy just for today”
Meahara said with puppy eyes looking at Isogai.

“I don’t think I can . . .I mean this is crazy! Crazy I tell you!”
Isogia said, while closing his eyes and taking a deep breath.

I know . . . I know . . . that’s why you should take a break. Whatever decision you make, it would change your life forever. So you need to clear your head”
Meahara said, while pushing Isogai to sit on the couch.

“Maybe you’re right . . . maybe I do need a clear mind to make a decision this big”
Isogai said, while cuddling up to Meahara who also sat down.

“Whatever decision you make I’m here and I will always be until the day you’ll say you don’t need me anymore”
Meahara said, while putting his arm around Isogai.

“What if I’ll never say does words?”
 Isogai said, while putting his head on Meahara’s shoulder.

“Then I’ll be with you until the end”
Meahara said, with a confident voice. Isogai said nothing after that but the corner of his lips were slightly up.


“Now children as you all know the Ootori company focus on medical and research”
Yoshia said, while they’re talking to the elevator.

“Sir, question!! I knew about the medical part, just not the research part . . . could you perhaps name a few research projects you’ve been working on?”
 Kayano said, with a cheerful voice. But her eyes were serious and sharp as ever.

“Oh am That’s an interesting question Miss Kayano but I’m afraid that does are classified”
Yoshia said, while his eyes were on Koro sensei.

“Oh? Why so? You’d think you’d want to brag about your accomplishment so you can interest us into maybe working for you when we get older . .  .”
Kayano said, clearly for some reason won’t let it go.

“I think that's enough Kayano. Clearly Mr. Ootori isn’t willing to tell you that information best to leave it like that”
Mr. Karasuma said, while Koro sensei nodded his head beside him.

“Fine . . . I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable. I’m just so eager to learn more about this company you see”
Kayano said, with an apologetic and embarrassed smile on her face.

“What’s up with Kayano?”
Nakamura asked, while looking at them.

I have no idea . . .”
Nagisa answered.

“Yow! Kayano what the hell is up with you?!”
Karma asked, while Koro sensei and the other teachers glared at him for cursing in front of Mr. Ootori.

“Huh? Why? Can’t I ask a question? I mean I thought the whole point of this whole thing is to learn”
Kayano said, with an irritated tone of voice.

Yes, that’s true. Now Karma say sorry to Mr. Ootori for cursing at his presence”
Koro sensei said, tapping Karma’s shoulder. His tone of voice is cheerful but his aura is well . . . dark.

why should I? Is he a king or something? Last time I checked his company almost went bankrupt twice. I remember he tried to arrange a marriage between my father and his only daughter just to save his company” 
Karma said, with a smirk and his face. Yohsia felt as if he got a slap on the face.

“Ah! Now I know why you look so familiar. You’re Akabane Karma aren’t you? The only son of the Karma family, known for his lack of anger management”
Yoshia said, with a smirk on his face.

“Yes, but atleast I’m not know for slapping my youngest son in public when he was in high school just to blow off some stress from a failing business”
Karma resorted back. 

“Wait, this bitch really did that?!”
Ristu said, on Nagisa’s phone.

“Ritsu!! Watch your language!!”
Nagisa said, while he took his phone out of his pocket.

“Now now let us all calm ourselves”
Koro sensei said, firing that this would lead to them getting kicked out.

 “Have no fear Sir. I won’t do anything childish. Plus what a young master who’s known to be spoiled and selfish do won’t affect his classmates”
Yoshia said, with a kind smile on his face.

“I didn’t know you’re a nobleman!!?”
Nakamura shouted, making Mr. Karasuma glared at her now.

“My gosh where have all your manners gone?! That’s its after this you just will be writing a 300 word essay on how manners are important ”
Koro sensei said, acting like a mother who just realized her child is not the innocent baby she once held.

“Oh come on Koro sensei just because those three said something offensive doesn’t mean we also did”
Sugino said, while the others nod in agreement with him.

“But it does mean that I’ve been going easy on you children now the deadline of that essay would be on friday”
Koro sensei, while the students voice their disagreement.

“Now can we please continue our tour?”
Yoshia said, making everyone look at him again.

“Yes, that would be splendid”
Koro sensei said, with a smile on his face

(A/N: Koro sensei always smile for gosh sake sometimes it's creepy anyways the first voter-follower will get to tell me when to update)

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