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Kyoya's P.O.V

Kyoya-ch... Kun Nagisa has fallen asleep
Honey informed me.

Oh? I guess he's that tired huh?
I said. Well he is attending a school thats known for their academic advances even if he's in the bottom. Should I get him a tutor? I'll ask him about that when he wakes up.

We're here
I said. Parking at the garage

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                 [Picture is not mine]

Actually this is just one of my houses but I Figured that Nagisa would have a much easier experience adjusting to this house then the others.....

Kyoya. About nagisa....
Honey said

What is it honey?
I asked

Nagisa-chan isn't that simple the look in his eyes when he informed us about the limo....
Honey said

Not to mention he goes to Kunugigaoka Junior high....
Mori added

I already know about your concerns and I'm not so pleased to say that yes he is part of class 3-E or better called by the government as Assassination classroom
I said. We may not be world leaders but we have the worlds stock market in our control. We have eyes and ears everywhere and the government is more then willing to inform us. After all...... Money is the one motivating our world.but I still don't know if this form of motivation is bad or good. I'm trying my best to balance nature and  money. But even if I'm the head of a world wide company the company is still one and I'm still one. One person can make an effort but its best for everyone to move.

Kyoya how can you stay so calm knowing Nagisa is training to be an assassin
Mori said

How because One your willing to teach him more advanced self defense. Two the weird lab experiment Vow to not hurt the kids. And three I have faith that the weirdo will give Nagisa the push he needs in life
I said;While carrying Nagisa close to the door. He's heavier then I've expected that's good he's so tiny I thought he's underfeed.

But still Kyoya-ch..kun the experiment won't hurt him but what about assassins who'll use Nagisa and his classmates to kill the experiment
Honey said. Pushing the doorbell to wake up my personal drive

The Government said that if one of the children were hurt the Price money won't be given to them. That being said the assassins you're worried about won't have a motive to hurt the children and most importantly Nagisa
I said. A perfect example of moneyvation.

Thats.... I guess is ok...
Honey said while pushing the doorbell again. My driver were up all night so its understandable he'll have a hard time waking up. I can open the door by finger print but I'm holding Nagisa.

I'll carry Nagisa while you open the door
Mori said. I was a bit reluctant to hand over Nagisa to him. Does he know how to properly carry a sleeping child?

Have you forgotten that I use to carry Honey around the school
He said noticing my questioning face. But hearing that make me even more reluctant. He's going to carry Nagisa in his shoulders.... No we can wait here for how long you are not hurting my son Mori.

And no I'm not going to carry Nagisa on my shoulders. Why would I do that for God's sakes we graduated college I'm not an air head
He said. His he a mind reader?

Graduating college doesn't prove anything Takashi because Tamaki also graduated with us
Honey said. Oh the tea has been slipped

Why are you taking Kyoyas said?
Mori said having the face of betrayal

Yann Kyoya-sama sorry to keep you waiting
Reo my driver said.

Its alright Reo you were up all night driving me around. So your actions are understandable
I said. Is he isn't half a sleep I'm sure he'll cringed on my choice of words. To be frank me and Reo are so close that we eat at the same table and have a movie night every friday.

Honey,Mori wait for me in the kitchen I'll just put Nagisa in bed
I said. Which they nodded and started walking to the kitchen.

You can go back to sleep too Reo I'll wake you up when the food is ready
I said. He didn't even nod or anything he just started going back to his room. The doorbell and the lock on the garage door is mandatory but sometimes its annoying. I thought while walking up stairs to Nagisa's room I opened the door with my hips then put Nagisa to bed tocked him in and left closing the door behind me.

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