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Meanwhile............. Koro sensei and Reo reached their destination.

Wow...... This....... This is ammmm what's the word?......interesting........
Reo said while looking at the people PEACEFULLY protesting.......  Then....something caught his attention...... A man who had an armband suddenly attacked one of the police and another man who also have an armband started looting a store!!! Then all hell broke loose the police started shooting and tear gassing the people. The people naturally fought back.

What the hell!!!??? 
Reo said again when he saw the police shooting and tear gassing a medic tent causing the nurses and doctors to leave the tent. He even heard one of the nurses screaming "I'm so sorry for leaving you!" To the people in the tent.

Their committing a war crime!!! Against their own people!!!! What the hell is this non sense!!!!!
Reo screamed from anger. It was obvious the people in the armband was in line with the police. Causing trouble so the police can have an excuse to shoot and tear gas the protesters.

Technically their not. their using rubber bullets
Koro sensei said with a red face.......... Well dark red face.......

That will still hurt like a bitch!!! Their ordinary people, kids even! Most of them maybe even ALL of them never felt the pain and Tear gas!!!! Hello!!! I used that with my targets because of how painful it is untreated!!!
Reo shouted obviously outrage of whats happening. How can the police do this to the people?

Yes..... Its hard to believe that this are the same people who vow to keep people safe and bring justice to the people
Koro sensei said with a disappointed voice

At this point their only making it worse........ Their crimes have been discovered. Yes sure not all of them did so but most of them did! And they have to own up for it. Especially now that their doing this!!!! ITS TIME TO CHANGE!!!!!
Reo said while looking at the chaos in front of him. If he wasn't here to see it he wouldn't believe it was the same peaceful protest he saw moments ago........... Kids today are more badass then we were.........and thats for the better........


Oh you're finally here....... Took you long enough.....Kayano.....
Karma said while practicing his hand to hand combat.

Well I had some problems at home my brother in law won't let me go out. especially when he knew its with you..... A boy.......
Kayano said while walking to Karma

Don't worry I didn't sneak out. I just told him you were gay
Kayano added making Karma stop and look at her

Am I a joke to you?
Karma said while Ritsu was trying so!! hard not to put the Meme on their phone........

No no your not...... Ritsu do you know now where Koro sensei and that guy is??
Kayano said while stretching........

Yes. Their in the U.S
Ritsu said. Thinking it won't effect the out come either way they won't get to the U.S as 1. They don't have a passport 2. They need their parents/guardian's permission 3 they don't have money

Bomber........... Ok here's the plan guilt trip Koro sensei into telling us whats the persons name is. Then have Ritsu search for him
Kayano said

Along with his love ones
Karma added looking mischievous as ever. While Ritsu is just turning off their phones for a while......

A/N: Hi my lovely people! I hope you are doing well. I felt like I need to represent the BLM more as I can't really go out and join the protest......... The police needs better treaning. So they can stop acting out on race stereotypes. I was so hesitant on writing this chapter as I don't want to alienate the Children of the police. I want my book to be an escape for all of us. No matter what color our skin is........ But I also want to represent the BLM but I'm also a child...... I'm afraid I'm going to make a mistake and offend you guys.......

Anyways I hope you guys enjoy the chapter...... And who ever is the first voter-follower gets to tell me when to update

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