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Nagisa and Kyoya and in the study room, talking in English and studying its spelling, Kyoya spelling the words he's talking about and Nagisa keep quiet and keep looking at the paper........you'd think he's listening but NOPE he's not actually listening he's looking at the paper because the paper looked recycled. Kyoya realizing this stopped and asked

"Whats the matter with the paper?"
He asked. Making Nagisa snap out of his thoughts and look at him

"Nothing really its just....... it looks like recycled paper......"
Nagisa said while taking the paper away from the desk and started running his hands on it.

"Thats because it is......."
Kyoya said. Making Nagisa drop the paper in his hands and just look at him with wide eyes

"Whats so surprising?"
Kyoya asked confused on Nagisa's reaction

"You? A multi-billionaire using recycled paper!?!?"
Nagisa said clearly finding it unusual

What? My company is trys its best to be responsible. Even though we only use the recycled ones for not so important documents we turn the used ones to recycled paper,But its all stash in a warehouse
Kyoya explained.

How about make those stashed recycled paper into notebooks. And donate them? Or even sale them for a super cheap price. You'll be surprised on how many people will buy that.
Nagisa while picking up the paper and looking at how the ink reacted to the paper.

If you want I want to test something....... I'm going to need a lot of different types of bullpen
Nagisa added while still looking at the paper. Kyoya can only look at his son with a helpless and proud smile. In truth he was already planning on doing that,but he wanted to know if Nagisa will think the same way as him, looks like his right.

Lets finish studying first then we'll talk
Kyoya said while taking the paper away from Nagisa and started writing on it again.

You're no fun........
Nagisa grumbled under his breath but Kyoya still heard it

Ha! Believe me I want to hear more about this idea of yours as its still profit
Kyoya said while looking at Nagisa's English text book

Don't sell all of them at least Donate half of it!!!
Nagisa said in a scolding manner.

By the way when will Uncle Mori and Uncle Honey teach me again?
Nagisa asked

Tsk tsk tsk Not good you're only like what? Ten? And your already having problems with your memory?
Kyoya said in a teasing manner

Well...... when....
Nagisa asked ignoring the tease

Didn't Mori say he'll teach you tomorrow something? I don't know I was at the kitchen making coffee
Kyoya said

Make? Not Brew?
Nagisa asked seemingly confused on kyoya's choice of words

Make. I drink instant coffee or better known to your Uncle's as commoner's coffee
Kyoya said making Nagisa surprised again........

You're really weird.......
Nagisa said while looking away from Kyoya

Said the one who's learning how to assassinate his teacher......
Kyoya resorted back........ making Nagisa chuckle

Now let's get back to studying now shall we?
Kyoya said while gesturing his hands to behold the text book and notes on the table

You know I feel like studying is student dying for short sometimes
Nagisa said under his breath making Kyoya to be amused

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