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Nagisa's P.O.V

Isogai and the others are all dead tired. I pity them. But they do deserved it. I mean the agreement was 5 am sharp all students must be here and Note they were the ones who said 5 am. *sigh* guess their alarm clock failed them now?

Nagisa Miss Bitch Called

Yes sensei? I replied

What do you feel seeing your classmates like this? She asked

Um...? Nothing actually. I think they deserved it for not fulfilling the agreement they them salves made I said

Hahahhaha your right. So explain to me why you think the octopus don't deserved to die?
She said

I think you're asking the wrong question. The right question is What did he do?
I said

Huh? I don't follow
She said

What did he do to deserve it?
I said

He..... He....
She said. Trying to find an excuse

By simply exciting? He's a treat yeah but all of us are. Why do I always have a remind you?
I said. I'm getting annoyed I said this to her just one hour ago I think.

*Tink* *Tink*
What the? I thought he said he'll be buzy?

Sorry Miss Bitch sensei I have to take this bye
I said

Huh? Oh ok...
She said then started walking to Mr. K and the others.

(¥ kyoya and μ is Nagisa)

μ :Hello? Kyoya?

¥ :hello Nagisa Just want to say.... When we get home you'll meet a bunch of weird people.

μ : Huh? What? I don't understand didn't you just adopted me like 3 hours ago? Did you screamed I AM A FATHER when you were at the company.

¥ : what?!? No?!? Nagisa!

μ : then how?!

¥ : their My really close friends and They somehow found out about you

μ : you have a shity fire wall then

¥ : I'm working on updating it ok

μ : also check your employees pls

¥ : oh no don't grow up to fast

μ : huh?

¥ : your showing the materials of a workaholic C.E.O

μ : Weird I don't remember trying to imitate you

¥ : I want milk now...... or ice cream

μ : hahahahahhahahaha


μ : huh? Oh got to go bye Kyoya

¥ : ok bye

Dut dut dut

Weird people? Really close friends? That guy actually have friends? Huh?
I'm learning more about him.

One two three four

'Huh? Oh yeah I got to cut up into thinking again' I thought while turning back and walking to the school. The others might be in class late or sleep in class I'm not sure.

Koro sensei's P.O.V

Oh.... My poor Students! Kurasuma Forgive them
I said. I can not bear to see them like this.

No! They were the ones who decided the time not me.
Cold hearted Kurasuma said.

Well the bell already ringed and whats their first class of the day?
Hehehehehe most probably one of my class hehehe

Mine actually
Irina said

Miss Irina pls have mercy on the students I'm pretty sure they learned their lessons now.
I said. Surely she has a heart

"Anata Kurasuma... I'm not taking the Octopus side but teaching English is not an easy thing it needs time and patients"
Yes hahahah Miss Irina you're the best..... To much of the best I know what she's doing she's taking my place as the kids favorite teacher.

Ahhhh fine.....
What's this? the cold hearted Mr K actually listened to her

All right kids go change your clothes then straight to your class room!!!
Mr. K shouted

Wha We lived!!
Isogia said. Before Collapsing to the ground.

Get him to the nurses office
I said.

But Koro sensei we don't have a nurse
Maehara said

Just go
I said. I need to change into my new uniform.......my nurse uniform. I still can't believe their training this kids to be assassins and still don't hire a nurse. I have to talk to Kurasuma about this.

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