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Previously in Reo doesn't get paid enough 

Just because we're little doesn't mean we're an easy target
Kayano is pissed??? 

Who the hell are you!!?!?! Why is Nagisa so afraid !?!?!
Karma's Ready to kill???

Geez Author-chan should rename this book Nagisa's Yanderes.... Now back to the present.....

I....um..... I.....
Reo doesn't really know what to say to escape this predicament. But watching as Karma and Kayano walking to him in both his side's really scared the sh*t out of him.

Oh!!! Karma!! Kayano!! Nagisa!! What a surprise!!
Someone said. They all turned their attention to where the voice came from. And saw Miss Bitch. Walking to them

Irina wait up!!
Another voice from the distance was heard. Reo turned his attention to where that voice came from only to see a man carrying LOT'S and LOT'S of shopping bags

Oh Mr. Kurasuma!!
Nagisa said running up to him. Reo wish he can take this chance and run but nope..... Kayano's eyes are locked on to him.

Huh? What are you kids doing here? And who's that man?
Mr. Kurasuma said after noticing Reo

Thats what we want to figure out our selves......
Karama answered while glaring and Reo

Nagisa looked scared a minute ago because of him
Kayano added

Wait.... I feel like I meet you before.....
Miss Bitch said looking close at Reo's face.....

Huh? Oh? Your right Irina I feel like I meet him before too
Mr.Kurasuma said walking up to Reo
"Holy..... God pls help me escape this predicament unharmed oh wait I don't even care if I'm hurt right now I just want to get out of this alive!!!"
Reo thought while avoiding eye contact with Mr. Kurasuma.

Mean while.....

What the h*ll!!! Koro sensei help the poor man while you
Isogai said while watching two of his teachers and two of his classmates surrounding the man.

Fuffufufuf.....Don't worry children  I don't know what to do myself......
Koro sensei said.

You're an adult aren't you!!!!!
Meahara shouted while Isogai  sweetdrops

I may be an adult but that doesn't mean I know everything. You see children life isn't about being successful its about learning and learning until you die...
Koro sensei said

Thats bull crap!!!
Meahara said

Koro sensei can you teleport the man away from them? Oh wait.... no you're supposed to be a secret....
Isogai said.

Yes so he's useless...
Meahara added making Koro sensei a little bit mad

I'm not useless!!! I'll show you what I can do!
Koro sensei said before mach 20 it up and grabbed Reo away.

Oh my God.... * facepalm* Sometimes Koro sensei is the stupidest living creature I know
Isogai said looking at where Reo was supposed to be and the confused teachers and students.

Yeah.... I get you.... I get you....
Meahara said patting Isogai's shoulder

By the way.... How's your mom?
Meahara asked. Isogai flinched when he heard mom

She's still in a coma.....
Isogai said

What are you planning to do now? Who will pay for your schooling? Who'll pay for her medical bills?
Meahara asked

I don't know..... I can work part-time somewhere.... Even if its against school law....
Isogai said while looking at the floor

You'll get through this man!!! I'm here! And I'm sure if the others know they'll help you too
Meahara said while making Isogai look at him

Thanks Meahara.....
Isogai said while hugging the shocked Meahara. "God? Why are you doing this to Isogai of all people?" Meahara thought while hugging Isogai back

A/N: I'm alive my lovely people. 2020 isn't the best year for me..... My grandma had a strock while my city is in lockdown........ She's alive and she's still kicking
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